The Engagement Ring Box Cookies That Had TikTok Swooning

Want to celebrate a wedding or engagement party in style? For anyone who is about to tie the knot, planning a wedding can be stressful work. Many worry about trying to get the decorations just right, whether or not they will make a common wedding cake mistake, and what to serve their guests. Well, if you really want to make a statement, then you should consider serving them ring box cookies. These desserts are just that — cookies shaped like a diamond ring in an engagement box. They're sweet and adorable and should be a favorite among your guests. After all, they're already making TikTokers swoon.

In a TikTok video, Sugarmama Marketing explained how to make these desserts. It's safe to say that the TikToker earned new fans with their creation, which features a baby blue ring box and also an edible diamond to complete the look. One TikToker wrote, "Thank you for breaking this process down! Obsessed!"

Meanwhile, another wrote, "So amazing! What talent you have."  One person commented, "I've never seen anything like this before. Beautiful job!" While many TikTokers were in love, some wondered how they could make the cookie themselves. Does it require the skills of a trained pastry chef? Where can one purchase the edible gems used?

Consider a ring box cookie cutter

If you want to create a ring box cookie for yourself but don't know where to start, you should consider purchasing a ring box cookie cutter. While you probably won't find one in your local grocery store or bakery, they do sell the cookie cutter at specialty shops like Etsy. You may be able to buy a stencil that you can then download if you happen to have a three-dimensional printer.


I loooove ring box cookies because everyone always comments on them! I buy the pre-made gems from either Amazon, Hobby Lobby or Wiltons, but you can even make your own! #SugarCookieMarketing #sugarcookies #sugarcookiesoftiktok #cookietok #sugarcookiedecorating

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Cutting an engagement ring cookie box is also possible without a cutter, but requires precision. After baking the cookies, you would then trim them until they have a hexagonal shape that matches how many engagement ring boxes look. Feel free to experiment and find your own particular style. For the diamond that brings the entire cookie together, consider purchasing an edible gem. Also called kohakutou, edible gems are a traditional Japanese snack that's made with agar agar, which gives the candy its rock-like quality. Like the cookie cutter, you can purchase edible crystals online. While it may not be one of our best cookie recipes, these cookies may just be the big hit that your wedding needs, and it's a perfect way to celebrate your union with family and friends.