The Towel Hack That Keeps Bowls From Slipping While You're Mixing

One big advantage of using a stand mixer over a hand mixer or whisk is the way you can continue adding ingredients to your mixing bowl while the mixer keeps going, without worrying your bowl is going to fly all over the place. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford an expensive stand mixer, but the internet is replete with kitchen hacks that help to upgrade your cooking experience from stressed to best! If you find yourself unable to control your mixing bowl as you combine your wet and dry ingredients, rectify your ills with the simple use of a kitchen towel. 

To use this hack to keep your bowl in one place as you mix your wet and dry ingredients, try moistening a towel and placing it under the bowl. Professional chefs have been utilizing the damp dish towel method for years, with incredible results. This hack works because the dampness of the towel creates just enough friction and surface tension to prevent the bowl from sliding across the counter, allowing you the freedom to mix and add ingredients with reckless abandon.

Some have even hailed this damp towel hack as a miracle method, due to its versatility in the kitchen. In fact, the method works for more than just a mixing bowl, offering you the chance to stabilize just about anything you need to stay in place.

This towel hack is for more than just mixing

In addition to stabilizing mixing bowls, the damp towel trick also works wonders on cutting boards, particularly those made of wood that have warped and become uneven. This method has the added benefit of improving safety, as a wobbly, slippery cutting board can be highly dangerous, causing you to slip and cut yourself when chopping produce.

Generally speaking, any clean kitchen towel should work for this hack, though it is usually best advised to use a towel that is smaller than the actual cutting board. To begin, simply place the dampened towel on your countertop and layer the cutting board over it, preventing any slippage that may have otherwise taken place. If you don't have a clean kitchen towel handy, you can even perform this hack with a paper towel, though it is slightly less ideal as the paper can erode and disintegrate with wear, causing your bowls, boards, and other kitchen items to slowly regain their ability to slip over time.

The towel hack also works as a simple and functional cleaning tool after the fact. Once you have finished mixing, cutting, and cooking your ingredients, simply utilize the clean and damp towel to wipe down countertop surfaces, ensuring a simple and easy kitchen cleanup.