The Deep Fried Ice Cream That Left TikTok In Shambles

Fried ice cream is one of those treats that looks virtually the same no matter where you get it, which, more often than not, is probably at your favorite local Mexican restaurant. Typically, this treat consists of a large scoop of ice cream -– usually vanilla -– that has been battered and coated in a layer of cornflakes and quickly deep-fried, giving it the perfect balance of a crispy, golden brown exterior with a cool and creamy inside. Therefore, when TikToker Andy Hearnden, a.k.a. @andy_cooks, took to the social media platform recently to share an at-home version of the sinfully delicious treat that looked completely different from the norm, it's not entirely surprising that his followers went into a bit of a tizzy over the dessert.

In a TikTok video posted on October 7, Hearnden showed just how easy it really is to make fried ice cream at home by swapping frozen scoops of ice cream for another summertime fave: a classic, pre-made ice cream cone. The TikToker is seen setting up a traditional breading station and proceeds to dip the ice cream portion of the dessert in flour, eggs, and cornflakes that have been crushed in a food processor. He then fries the battered half of the treat in a pot of oil, resulting in a satisfyingly crispy fried ice cream cone that TikTokers didn't exactly know how to feel about.

TikTok had mixed reviews about this twist on fried ice cream

TikTokers didn't really know what to think of Hearnden's twist on the classic fried ice cream. Some were a bit appalled by his creation, calling it "illegal" and "a sin," while many others simply asked the food blogger why he decided to whip up such a concoction. Still, despite all of the questionable responses from viewers, there were still plenty that found Hearnden's take on fried ice cream to be a hit, including "Chopped" winner Joe Sasto. "Smart," he commented. "The man's a genius," quipped another, while a third said that Hearnden "just leveled up deep-fried ice cream."


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Ultimately, it seems that this dessert isn't for everyone. However, Hearnden's method does offer a sold option for fans who want to make it at home, which is great since you should probably skip fried ice cream at Mexican restaurants anyway. Make sure to go with the full-sized ice cream cones rather than the mini ones to ensure that your ice cream has a cold core and won't melt too much during the frying process, and be sure to leave them in the freezer for as long as possible, as well. Additionally, you can also experiment with using different cereals as your coating, such as Frosted Flakes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch for an extra flavor boost — while you're at it, you can even swap your ice cream cone for an ice cream sammie to make homemade deep-fried ice cream sandwiches.