The 2 Sandwich Spreads Dan Kluger Recommends To Take Your Lunch To The Next Level

Pretty much everyone out there has a go-to sandwich recipe. No matter how delicious a sandwich is, though, eating the same thing all the time can get pretty boring. This is precisely the reason why everyone can use a fresh, exciting way to spruce up their favorite Italian hoagie or ham and cheese. So, in our quest for the perfect, unexpected sandwich ingredient, we wanted to go straight to a bonafide expert. So, we talked to James Beard Award-winning chef Dan Kluger of The Bakery at Greywind about the most unexpectedly delicious sandwich spread there is. The Bakery at Greywind is located right next to Kluger's restaurant, Greywind, and it offers baked goods, homemade breads, and yes –– sandwiches.  

So, what is Kluger's most unique recommendation for a sandwich sauce? "We use a bacon jam or spicy tomato marmalade on our lunch sandwiches at The Bakery at Greywind," Kluger said. "It's an unexpected, great addition!" Well, these spreads are certainly an upgrade from mayonnaise or mustard. And, while most of us probably haven't tried them on our sandwiches, we have to admit: they do sound like the perfect way to make a run-of-the-mill lunch quite a bit tastier. 

How to spice up your sandwich with sauce

Bacon jam and spicy tomato marmalade are certainly unique sandwich spreads, but that doesn't mean that they aren't versatile. Both of these condiments complement meats, cheeses, and veggies perfectly, which makes them ideal for pairing with plenty of different sandwich types. If you're wondering if you can mix these spreads with other sauces, though, Chef Dan Kluger believes that this answer may vary based on the other ingredients you're including.

When it comes to whether or not less sauce equals more or if you should feel free to mix and match, Kluger says, "That all depends on what you are going for." He went on to explain, "If you are making a sandwich with brie and apples, for example, you don't need much. If you are doing a spicy vegetable sandwich, you may want to add marinade to the veggies and a mayo." So, when it comes to adding some extra dimension to your sandwich, you may want to think about the flavor profile you're going for before you begin. Even so, a bit of experimenting a bit in the kitchen may earn you a brand-new sandwich you'll want to make every day of the week, and who couldn't use one of those?