Cherry Tomatoes Are The Simple Pasta Add-In You've Been Missing

Cherry tomatoes are known for being adorably tiny, juicy, sweet, and delicious. While these make a great quick on-the-go snack, they're some of the most versatile varieties of tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes are great to eat both raw and cooked, and there are slews of hacks to get the most out of cherry tomatoes. Tomatoes and pasta are a natural pairing, so it makes sense that throwing some cherry tomatoes into your next pasta dish is a simple way to elevate the flavor.

Cherry tomatoes got their big viral moment with TikTok's feta pasta recipe. While feta cheese acts as the creamy element, roasted cherry tomatoes add sweetness and bright tomato flavor to the rich dish. However, cherry tomatoes don't need to be a supporting character in your pasta dish. Since cherry tomatoes can be grown year-round, you can bring the taste of summer to your dinner even on a dreary winter's day. The tomatoes add a touch of sweetness with a bit of acidity that shines on their own, without much help from extra ingredients or fancy cooking techniques. The trick with making a simple tomato-focused pasta dish is to make sure every ingredient is seasoned well and cooked perfectly.

Cook your tomatoes for deeper flavor

Before you think that tossing in some cherry tomatoes to your pasta dish is too basic, know that Italian chefs love the simplicity of cherry tomato pasta. Italian cooking maven Giada De Laurentiis showcases tomatoes in her easy cherry tomato pasta recipe. If you find yourself with a lot of cherry tomatoes and no time to cook or prep, simply throw the tomatoes in a saute pan until they burst. Once tomatoes burst, they release their sweet juices, which creates a natural saucy coating, perfect for pasta.

If you have a little more time on your hands, cherry tomatoes can be sliced and roasted in the oven, which is another way to release their juices. Roasting anything brings out a deeper flavor and the same is true for cherry tomatoes. Essentially, the tomatoes will taste richer with a more concentrated tomato flavor. Once the tomatoes are roasted and seasoned, they can be thrown into any pasta dish for a sweet, acidic note. Then, try adding breadcrumbs to the roasted tomatoes before adding them to the pasta, giving the entire dish a crunchy texture.