Domino's 'Delivery Spaceship' Probably Would Have Brought Your Pizza On Time

In the 1980s, some of Domino's pizza delivery cars looked way more futuristic than they do today. If you love the idea of getting your pizza delivered by spaceship, then you might just be able to get one of your own. Nearly 40 years ago, Tom Monaghan, the founder of Domino's, ordered ten 1985 Tritan A2 cars that the pizza chain then customized to be perfect for delivering its wares. The vehicles, which looked like they were headed straight to space rather than your doorstep, included custom-built ovens to keep pizzas warm. At the time, they made deliveries around Domino's headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Since these cars only have three wheels, they aren't actually cars (or spaceships) at all — they're technically motorcycles. And they don't just look cool, they were designed to be aerodynamic. The car's arrow shape and wings propel it forward, and its windshield is built like that of an airplane, rather than a car. Despite these pros, however, there are clear reasons why most cars aren't built this way. This Domino's vehicle is low to the ground, which increases the impact from bumps in the road and could even cause damage. It's also especially difficult to see out of, and only one passenger can ride along, situated behind the driver. While we'd love to have our pizza delivered by spaceship, it's easy to see why we can't anymore.

The Domino's delivery spaceship is for sale

Not many of the 10 original Domino's delivery spaceships still exist today, but one lucky person might be able to own one this November. On November 10, 2023, one of the last of these vehicles will go up for auction. Chuck Sinnott, the car's current owner, bought it two years ago for $25,000. He told CNN, "This thing turns some heads. It's a crowd-pleaser." Still, as you might expect, it's not the most practical car out there. "My wife and I can't jump in it and go to Monterey," Sinnott explained. 

While it's unclear where the price of this futuristic '80s pizza delivery truck might end up at auction, one did sell for nearly $45,000 in 2019. So, if you love this nostalgic, pizza-friendly vehicle more than you love having 45 grand, you could potentially make it your own. And since Domino's has been struggling with its delivery methods, perhaps switching back to this "crowd-pleasing" pizza spaceship should be in the major pizza chain's future. Its aerodynamic shape should, in theory, help you get your pizza faster, but if nothing else, it definitely looks cool.