Take Microwaved Popcorn To New Levels With Hot Sauce And Honey

Sometimes while snacking on a crunchy bag of microwave popcorn, your taste buds may feel that plain butter just isn't enough. Those who are bored of average-tasting popcorn may reach for a zesty seasoning to spice things up, or perhaps you'll add drizzles of caramel to satisfy your sweet tooth. Why not combine both flavor profiles to create something sweet that also packs a bit of heat? Hot sauce and honey is one popcorn topping combo you might not have considered, but it can easily level up this go-to snack.

There are a wide array of spices and tasty extra ingredients you can add to your popcorn, as well as a variety of ways you can flavor it. For a quick and simple way to coat your popcorn with hot sauce, you only need to dump some into your popcorn bag and shake it well to distribute it better. This trick might not work as well when you add sticky honey to the equation. However, if you've got the time and are looking to go the extra mile, making your popcorn on the stove is a great way to really infuse those kernels with each of these add-ins. It's as easy as grabbing some canola, vegetable, or coconut oil and simmering it with your hot sauce of choice before slowly adding in popcorn kernels.

Hot sauce and honey are a perfect pair

If you're a huge fan of Taco Bell, we know you've got a pile of sauce packets in your kitchen that would be perfect for spicing up your popcorn. Otherwise, two ever-popular choices for kicking up the spice are Tabasco and Sriracha sauce. Using Tabasco can add a surge of fiery heat to your popcorn due to all the chilis in its recipe, while Sriracha tastes garlicky and can lend a touch of sweeter spice. Tabasco actually sells its own line of hot sauce-soaked popcorn on its website that comes in Sweet Chili Cheese and Sweet Chili BBQ, if those sound more tempting than making your own.

The kernels need to finish popping and be thoroughly stirred into the hot sauce, and while your snack cools, it's a good idea to separately mix some butter and whatever type of honey you've got on hand. Skip adding butter if the microwave popcorn you're using is already buttered, and go straight for the honey and a dash of sea salt. Once you're able to toss the popcorn around and get the gooey honey into all the popcorn's hidden crevices, you're ready to sink into the couch and flip on your current Netflix binge. But try not to touch your eyes if you're watching a real tear-jerker — unless you want those tears to also sting!