TikTok Set iPhone 15's Action Button To Automatically Order Starbucks

The iPhone 15's new action button allows users to mix convenience and coffee in the most exciting way. When ordering their daily latte or cold brew in advance, most customers have historically used the Starbucks mobile app. While this is a relatively quick way to select your previously saved favorites and checkout, TikTok user @b_turner50 has found a way to streamline his Starbucks order.

According to his video, the action button on his phone has been set to automatically place his Starbucks order if he clicks it within 100 meters of his local Starbucks, which he visits daily. This means he doesn't even have to take his phone out of his pocket to place an order. He explained how he programmed this new feature to "run a series shortcut that basically does three or four different things based on where I am or what time it is."

While @b_turner50 laughs at his number-one use for the action button, he can't help but praise the convenience, saying, "It works so well. I walk by the same Starbucks every day." If he's not within the set 100 meters of this Starbucks, then the action button will check other set criteria, like the time of day and if he's at his office desk. After 11 p.m., the action button will instead turn all his house lights off and even lock the door automatically.

Ordering coffee has never been easier

The TikToker also explained to Business Insider that he utilizes the feature's "'if' statements to make a single action do multiple things." The main difficulty lies in determining what you want to happen and when. Once you have solid ideas, however, entering the information into your phone is straightforward. The iPhone 15's new action button replaced the ring/silent switch, and one user commented on @b_turner50's TikTok video noting that they use the action for their phone's flashlight.


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While some users found the shortcut a "lazy" way to order black coffee, others shared in the Starbucks excitement, saying, "This is the best use by far" and even asking for a video on how to set it up with the Starbucks app. When asked if the functionality and convenience caused him to spend more money on coffee, the TikToker denied it, clarifying that he's getting his coffee regardless and this just saves him some ordering time. "It's just cool. I love it. It's a good use of the action button, and I will stand by that til the day I die," he stated.