Swap Cookies Out For Baklava To Make A Dreamy Ice Cream Sandwich

Although we love a simple, homemade ice cream sandwich recipe, we won't say no to upgrading that ice cream sandwich. For instance, ever consider swapping out the cookies for thick slabs of baklava? Flakey dough, smooth ice cream, crunchy pieces of nuts ... Yum.

When deciding what works best for your ice cream sandwich, it doesn't matter whether you pick up baklava from a store or bakery or make your own from scratch using a baklava recipe. Whichever route you choose, once your baklava is prepped and ready, you can peel the top half away to add a layer of ice cream. Following this method with an entire sheet of baklava is ideal for multiple servings, whether you store leftovers in your freezer or bring the whole tray to a party.

Alternatively, you can take two pieces of baklava and sandwich a scoop of ice cream between the two. This approach is better suited to single-servings and is great for anyone who wants a higher baklava-to-ice-cream ratio.

Make your sandwich with different types of baklava

In its simplest form, a baklava ice cream sandwich can be made with your standard pistachio baklava and vanilla ice cream. However, this treat can be upgraded in endless ways with different types of baklava and/or ice cream. For instance, baklava can also be made with walnuts, fresh cream, chocolate, or hazelnuts.

As such, pistachio baklava could pair well with ice cream flavors like vanilla, chocolate, citrus, or — to reinforce the flavor — pistachio. Walnut baklava could pair nicely with flavors like blackberry, caramel, or dates. Regardless of the ice cream flavor you choose, these two baklava types could be zhuzhed up by rolling the entire ice cream sandwich in chopped nuts. Extra flavor and textural contrast? Yes, please!

When it comes to using baklavas made with fresh cream, chocolate, or hazelnuts, you have even more options for ice cream pairings. After all, chocolate goes with just about everything, so you really can't go wrong with using it in an ice cream sandwich.