Cakesicles Give Cake Pops A Run For Their Money

By now, even if you haven't tried them, you've probably heard of cake pops. These little balls of cake crumbs mixed with icing can be a wonderful treat. They are suitable for kids as well as adults, are easy to make, and can be decorated for just about any occasion. However, depending on your appetite, there's another option that might even be more desirable. In fact, if you like cake pops, there's a very good chance that you will love cakesicles.

A cakesicle is essentially the jumbo version of a cake pop. It uses the same ingredients, but just more of them. These treats aren't just larger, they're also easier to make than cake pops. Instead of mixing icing with cake crumbs and rolling them into a ball, you make cakesicles by filling a mold, so they're much more likely to keep a nice, uniform shape. Plus, you can still decorate cakesicles for any occasion, making them just as versatile as cake pops.

Two ways to coat cakesicles in chocolate

Pressing cake crumbs and icing into a mold sounds easy, sure, but the thought of coating that combination in chocolate or candy melts might be intimidating. However, there's nothing to fear, and once you understand how easy this process is, you might never go back to making cake pops again. It'll be cakesicles all the way.

The easiest method — but not the neatest one — is dipping. After you've made your cakesicles, chill them in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes or let them sit in the freezer till solid. Remove the cakesicles and dip them, one at a time, into a container of melted chocolate. Keep in mind that even if you are supremely careful, you can still end up with clumpy chocolate using this method.

Alternatively, you can paint your melted chocolate directly into the silicone popsicle mold, making sure to cover the entire mold. Flip the mold upside down to drain the excess chocolate. After the chocolate layer hardens, fill the mold with cake and icing, then top and smooth with another layer of chocolate. This method may be a little more challenging at first, but it produces much neater-looking cakesicles.