Crocs And McDonald's Are Teaming Up: Are You A Grimace Or A Hamburglar?

Fast food giant McDonald's is teaming up with the beloved (if divisive) footwear brand Crocs for a quirky new collection. This collaboration is geared toward fans of both iconic brands, offering a blend of comfort and nostalgia. The star of the show is the Classic Clog, the style with which most consumers are familiar. One pair boldly highlights McDonald's legendary red-and-yellow color palette, giving wearers a playful look.

The McDonald's x Crocs collection includes two additional styles of the Classic Clog inspired by McDonaldland characters. Folks who constantly crave Egg McMuffins and Hotcakes for breakfast will be able to sport a pair of sunny yellow Crocs adorned with Birdie the Early Bird's signature pink bow on the strap. These shoes capture the essence of McDonald's first female mascot, bringing her cheerful and charming personality to life via Croslite, the shoe brand's signature resin. The third Classic Clog pair is a nod to The Hamburglar, the cunning, redheaded, burger-snatching thief. The pattern features diagonal black-and-white stripes that encapsulate the bandit's mischievous spirit.

Flaunt your love for McD's on your feet

Another product in the McDonald's x Crocs line is a purple Cozzzy Slide, inspired by Grimace, whose blob-like species remains a mystery (though some suspect he's actually a ginormous taste bud). The open-toed, Birkenstock-esque sandals are adorned with a fuzzy, purple lining, which makes them extra comfortable for both indoor and outdoor wear.

To make the co-branding even more appealing to footwear aficionados, each pair of McD's Crocs comes with McDonald's-themed Jibbitz — the small, decorative charms that attach to the shoes' ventilation holes. These customizable accessories allow you to personalize your slip-ons with a touch of McDonald's magic.

The specific release date for the McDonald's x Crocs collection has not yet been announced, according to Complex. However, eager — and perhaps hungry — fans can anticipate its arrival on the Crocs website and at select retailers in the near future. The collaboration is bound to be a fun conversation starter, celebrating the flavors, colors, and characters that have defined the famous restaurant chain for generations.