Steakhouse Caesar Salads Ranked Worst To Best, According To Customers

Caesar salad is a classic steakhouse fare, and you will rarely find a steakhouse menu that does not include this trusty favorite. It is the perfect salad to pair with the steak as it packs a zesty punch in the dressing but remains crisp and refreshing, serving as the ideal antidote to the protein-laden meal.

The origin of Caesar's salad is a well-known culinary tale, and though the authentic version was only served at Caesar's in Tijuana — the restaurant closed in 2009 but fortunately re-opened in 2010 — many American steakhouses create exceptional versions of this classic, paying homage to tradition and giving the salad a well-deserved credit.

This list gathers the most popular versions, starting with classic renditions and ending with exceptional restaurant creations that are whipped up tableside. The list was based on descriptions, professional recommendations, and customer reviews to create the ultimate list of Caesar salads you can find at American steakhouses.

14. LongHorn Steakhouse

LongHorn Steakhouse does not need much introduction. This steakhouse chain has been dishing out juicy steaks since 1981. What started as a single restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia, is now a national chain with hundreds of outlets nationwide. In line with its name, the restaurants rock the Texas-inspired décor with a lot of dark wood and Texas Longhorn mounts adorning the walls. Grilled steaks are the highlight of every visit, but don't miss out on the rest of the menu that features steakhouse classics and signature dishes.

Of course, Caesar salad is a staple. It is described as "hand-chopped romaine" combined with a Caesar dressing and finished classically with croutons and Parmesan shavings. The salad looks like a classic Caesar, with relatively uniform pieces of romaine that are generally crisp and fresh. The restaurant does not skimp on croutons, which have a good bite and decent size but are not seasoned. The dressing is the biggest problem as it is a classic chain-restaurant version that does not resemble the authentic version. One TikTok review notes that there is a "little too much dressing," which is a shame as it instantly smothers the salad.

13. Outback Steakhouse

Despite its name, Outback Steakhouse is an all-American steakhouse empire inspired by the Australian backcountry. The first Outback opened in 1988 in Tampa, Florida, and has since grown into a national steakhouse chain with several international outlets. It is best known for its business approach where quality is imperative, but prices are moderate and portions generous. At Outback, you don't want to miss the legendary bread or the steaks, but salads and sides are also worth mentioning.

Along with other classic steakhouse salads, the menu includes romaine-based Caesar Side Salad garnished with a classic dressing and topped with what is stated as "homemade" croutons. Reviewers mostly praise the dressing, though romaine gets some mixed opinions, as well as the cheese. Where Outback falls flat is the croutons. One TikTok review claims that they taste "store-bought," which is not something you want to experience at a steakhouse. The amount is also questionable, as is the fact that they are often mixed with the rest of the salad. For some, this would be a severe offense, but if you like your croutons to soak up some of the dressing, you quite like this approach. Overall, Outback's Caesar salad is simple and keeps it classic, but it could use an upgrade in quality.

12. Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse is another familiar name on the list. Established in 1993, the chain prides itself on high-quality hand-cut steaks and BBQ ribs that take three days to prepare to attain that signature, tender texture. Besides meat, there is a pretty good selection of sides and salads, and the chain naturally serves Caesar as the ultimate salad classic.

Texas Roadhouse uses romaine hearts for its base and tops it with Parmesan, house-made croutons, and specialty dressing. It seems that the biggest problem with this salad is in the croutons. One disgruntled customer claims that the whole salad incorporated only "three tiny croutons hidden in the middle." Another TikTok review comments that there is "too much dressing" and wonders what happened to the missing croutons. On the other hand, the review on Yahoo praises the dressing and says it was "packed full of toasty croutons." This salad can pass as a good-enough, everyday version, but do not expect a superb performance.

11. Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar

Fleming's started as a joint business endeavor by two entrepreneurs in love with steakhouse tradition who wanted to provide the ultimate dining experience with expert wine pairings and professional service. Though it is now one of the largest American steakhouse chains, Fleming's began in 1998 with a single outlet in Newport Beach, California. This is a steakhouse chain that cherishes the classic steakhouse heritage but blends it with contemporary traditions and innovations. The menu reflects the philosophy with a mix of standard steakhouse items and some creative additions. One of the items falling in the classic group is the Caesar salad, which gets the surprising savory addition.

The menu describes it as "romaine, parmesan, fried capers, crispy prosciutto." While romaine and parmesan are standard, capers and prosciutto — the Italian-style ham — add the unexpected twist. Though not stated on the menu, it is seasoned with a dressing that one customer describes as "plentiful," though there are some complaints about it being "soggy." In an Instagram review, the salad is complimented for its size and "lots of texture." Though this is a generally well-executed salad and a good choice for those who like a touch of creativity, it has some flaws, and it might not be the best fit for those who want the old-school version.

10. The Capital Grille

The Capital Grille is not a regular steakhouse chain. The emphasis here is on all-inclusive, stellar service and a fine-dining philosophy. Restaurants feature an elegant setting accentuated by dark wood décor and dim lights. Special attention is put into the freshness, the quality of ingredients, and impeccable preparation. Naturally, dry-aged steaks rule the menu, but Caesar salad is one of the highlights, and it seems to be as good as the steaks.

Caesar salad at Capital has a very straightforward description, and the menu does not reveal much. The only information is that it is topped with crispy croutons flavored with Italian Grana Padano. One TikTok review describes the dressing as "lemony." It praises the cheese and how the croutons soaked some liquid to create a fantastic flavor combo. The reviews on Yelp mostly recommend croutons and call the salad "delicious," tasty, and just "good," but there are some bold claims that the salad is even better than the steaks. Judging by these reviews, this Caesar version is definitely worth a try.

9. Ruth's Chris Steak House

Ruth's Chris Steak House is an upscale restaurant chain that was started by Ruth Fertel in 1965. Ruth was a pioneer in the business who risked everything to buy an old-school New Orleans steakhouse that she would later transform into one of the most successful steakhouse businesses in the country. Initially called Chris Steak House, the restaurant got its current name when Ruth had to move to a different location and could not use the name of the previous owner. In the 1970s, Ruth's opened the second location, and the rest was history. Along with the numerous U.S. locations, the chain now operates internationally.

Ruth's is lauded for its prime steaks, but the menu hides other house specialties. The salad section features familiar steakhouse names, including a classic Caesar version. The menu states that the salad uses "romaine hearts generously sprinkled with Parmesan and Romano cheese." The dressing is traditional and made in-house. The reviews are mostly favorable, with one Instagram review claiming it is "worthy of being the main course." On Yelp, customers call it "outstanding" and "absolutely perfect" and complement the generous portion. However, some claim it wasn't "over great." Overall, this is a well-executed, fresh salad that would be a welcomed addition to a steakhouse dinner.

8. St. Elmo Steak House

St. Elmo is an iconic American steakhouse. This legendary institution has been in business since 1902 and is still located at its original location in downtown Indianapolis. St. Elmo has everything you expect from a classic steakhouse. The décor evokes the old-world feel that pairs elegance with a welcoming atmosphere. The food is superb, and the professional service is always on point. This is a steakhouse for those special occasions when you want to indulge in the food and the experience. Though people flock to St. Elmo for its prime steaks, fresh seafood, and legendary cocktail shrimp, it seems that Caesar salad should be added to the regular order.

Caesar salad at St. Elmo is a classic romaine topped with "shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano, herb croutons." As it includes authentic Italian Parmigiano and flavored croutons, it's reasonable to assume that this is an upgraded Caesar's version. On Yelp, one patron states it is "the best [they] had," while the review on TripAdvisor describes it as "wonderful" and "delicious." It appears that St. Elmo performs well in all departments, and if you want to start with something lighter or pair your steak with a salad, Caesar is quite a reliable choice if you want to go classic.

7. Mr. Paul's Chop House

It does not get more classic than Mr. Paul's Chop House. Located in Roseville, Michigan, this is a true local gem that has been dishing out prime steaks and fresh seafood specials since 1968. The restaurant is still operated as a family business, and tradition is preserved in the décor and the menu. The dimly lit dining room is adorned with old-school brick walls to keep the ambiance cozy and classy, while the menu features a classic steakhouse selection where steak and chops reign supreme but get a perfect complement from house specials. The lunch menu has the classic Caesar salad with an optional addition of grilled chicken. The dinner menu carries the Signature Caesar Salad that includes chicken, broiled salmon, or shrimp as the optional add-ons.

At Mr. Paul's Chop House, Caesar salad is made properly. It is prepared tableside, which means that you will get the freshest possible version that will have enough dressing but keep the leaves juicy and crisp. Though the dinner version comes with a high price tag — it starts at $16.95 — it does deliver more than a simplified version with regular romaine dressed up in bland ranch dressing. One customer describes it as "perfect," while another patron calls it "delicious" and praises the cold plate method, which keeps the salad juicy and crisp. This is undoubtedly one of the must-have Caesar salads at a steakhouse.

6. Delmonico's

Delmonico's is a legendary name in the restaurant business. This NYC landmark is home to one of the most iconic American dishes and is often labeled as the oldest fine-dining establishment in the country. First opened in 1837, this historical location has hosted everyone who was anyone and set the standard for all fine-dining restaurants that came after. Delmonico's reopened in September 2023, and it seems to be in great shape with a refreshed approach that preserves tradition but adds an original contemporary twist. Caesar still graces the menu but gets a much-welcomed upgrade. Made with extra tender romaine variety and chives, the salad is elevated with an Asian-inspired dressing.

Though not much time has passed since the reopening, the reviews are in, and this upgraded Caesar salad got very pleasing ratings. One customer describes it as "different though flavorful," while one Instagram comment calls it the "best Caesar salad [they] ever had." Perhaps the biggest compliment comes from a happy patron who calls it "a Ceasar salad on steroids" and a "flavor explosion." This salad needs more time to prove its excellence, but so far, the reviews indicate that it might be Delmonico's next big hit.

5. Bern's Steak House

Bern's Steak House is a family-operated business whose story started in 1956 as a humble eatery owned and operated by Bern and Gert Laxer. The unassuming joint soon expanded into a full-fledged restaurant that now stands as the iconic location for some of the best steaks and seafood in Tampa. The menu carries various delights — it includes a fantastic caviar selection — but mostly stays on the classic side. Bern's Caesar comes as a regular house-made salad, but you can also opt for the grand tableside preparation.

The Yelp reviews are overwhelmingly positive, describing it as "fresh," "really good," and "amazing," while a comment on Instagram tags it as the "best..ever tasted". Naturally, tableside Caesar is the ultimate version, and if you want to get the best, you'll have to splash out on it as the tableside preparation includes the extra charge, but the $30 price is set for a larger portion that serves two. Regular Caesar salad comes at $13, with the additional charge of adding anchovies. If you feel particularly hedonistic, tableside Caesar is the only right choice, but the regular version will probably not disappoint.

4. Miller & Lux

Miller & Lux is a high-end steakhouse that provides the ultimate fine-dining experience. Established and run by Food Network alumni Tyler Florence, this exclusive steakhouse was long-awaited and finally opened in 2021. Set up in Chase Center, this grand restaurant does not miss luxury, glam, and elegance. Florence wanted to give a nod to the old-school steakhouse culture when dining out was a feast for all senses. Some dishes come served on carts — including Caesar salad — and are finished tableside, adding a fun, theatrical touch to the dining experience.

As you'd expect, a fine dining and Michelin-recommended location such as Miller & Lux serves an outstanding version of Caesar salad. The menu reveals an impressive selection of ingredients, including "hand-harvested lettuce." At the same time, the tableside preparation is a sure cue that the dressing will be on point and the salad will remain firm and crispy. Yelp reviews include many captivated reviews praising the tableside technique and the fact that the salad is cut in front of the guests. Satisfied guests call it "genuinely fantastic" and the "highlight." On the other hand, a TripAdvisor review criticizes the experience, claiming that "it was more spectacle than substance." Essentially, this is a delicious salad that comes with some dramatic flair.

3. El Gaucho

This iconic steakhouse was brought to life by Paul Mackay, who wanted to honor the original El Gaucho, where he spent some time learning and perfecting his skill. El Gaucho is an upscale, fine-dining establishment featuring elegant décor and intimate atmosphere. Professional service and top-notch quality are imperatives, so you can always expect a first-class dining experience. The menu is creative and varied but includes all the steakhouse classics. El Gaucho still treasures tableside preparation as a beautiful nudge to tradition, and along with legendary Chateaubriand and flaming Bananas Foster, Caesar salad also gets the honor of being prepared tableside.

Though there are some less raving reviews, most comments on Yelp compliment the salad, with one customer claiming it is "to die for." Another patron calls it "delicious," while one comment boldly claims it is "the best... you'll eat all year." A review on TripAdvisor praises the tableside method accompanied by a detailed explanation and states that the salad is tasty and "probably the best Caesar [they] had anywhere." One Reddit user recommends the Seattle location as having the best Caesar rendition in town. The recommendation is supported by another happy customer who confirms that the price is slightly steep but that the taste and amount make up for it. Caesar salad at El Gaucho definitely ranks high, and the chain gets additional points for multiple locations, making the salad more accessible.

2. Twisted Tree Steakhouse

Twisted Tree in St. Louis is a relative novice in the steakhouse realm, but as it was established by two experienced restaurant dynasties, the success was almost guaranteed. The restaurant was opened in 2016, and though it does not boast tradition and heritage, it quickly built a reputation on perfectly executed dishes and an unpretentious but professional approach. This is a go-to location for exceptional steaks and chops, but the entire menu gets a lot of praise, including the house-made Caesar salad.

Though the salad does not include an extensive menu description, Cheryl Baehr from Riverfront Times explains that the salad is finished tableside and comes in a cold metal dish that probably helps to keep it fresh. It is commonly referenced in reviews as one of the menu's highlights and is generally praised for flavor, texture, and freshness. Comments on OpenTable include attributes such as "expertly prepared" and "best we had, "while the croutons are described as "buttery and crunchy." Yelp reviews are packed with similar impressions, with one customer claiming that Twisted Tree's Caesar is "always a win." Pleased customers call it "mouth-watering" and "unique and delicious." Perhaps the most convincing argument comes from a satisfied patron who claims that "Caesar salad alone is worth coming back for just on its own." Judging by these reviews, this salad has all elements on point.

1. Golden Steer Steakhouse

Golden Steer is a legendary, long-standing Las Vegas institution. It is the oldest steakhouse in the city and an obligatory stop for Hollywood royalty. The vintage décor reflected in leather booths, dark wood, and retro paraphernalia creates a warming and cozy ambiance, and the same classic vibe dominates the menu. Along with steaks and seafood, you can enjoy old-school starters and several Italian specials made to honor revered restaurant regulars. As this is a place devoted to tradition, Caesar is one of the must-haves, and Golden Steer makes the finest version you will find.

The reviews mostly describe the salad with superlatives. On Yelp, customers say it is a "must" and that it "lived to the hype." OpenTable has a similar, overwhelmingly positive pattern. The patrons are mostly delighted by the salad and the presentation, saying it is the "highlight of the meal," which is a pretty bold statement at a steakhouse restaurant, and use attributes such as "excellent" and "incredible." This is the ultimate Caesar salad at a steakhouse. It has the theatrical tableside element, and you know that the salad will deliver in the flavor department if the dressing is mixed at the spot. As Caesar salad is one of the signature dishes at Golden Steer, you can be sure that they do not treat it merely as a simple side salad and that you can trust that it will always be exceptional. This is a Caesar salad for the bucket list.