Aldi's 8-Person Thanksgiving Meal Will Only Set Customers Back $63

The long-awaited Thanksgiving meal is around the corner, and if you feel like you're behind on planning out your table, you're not alone. Luckily, Aldi wants to prep your Thanksgiving feast for you this year. The grocery chain tweeted on November 3 that it would offer complete dinners to feed eight people this Thanksgiving. In the tweet, Aldi boasted the $63 price tag on its meal, implying that it's a better deal than those offered by its competitors.

On Facebook, where Aldi posted the same content, customers applauded the cost of the dinner and professed their love for the grocery chain. One person wrote that they would drive over two hours to get this meal from the nearest Aldi, while another commenter simply said, "I want a dinner like that." Aldi hasn't yet revealed what's included in the meal, even though customers have asked for details in the comment section. In 2020, many said that Aldi's $30 Thanksgiving dinner was a total steal, so it will be interesting to see how this year's version stacks up.

Aldi will compete with Walmart and other chains

While Aldi (known for its "It's not a sale" ads) is putting Thanksgiving items on sale this year, customers are still patiently waiting to learn what comes in the chain's complete Thanksgiving meal that feeds eight people. While the Twitter ad Aldi posted last week features a turkey, stuffing, and several different side dishes, it's difficult to know for sure what to expect.

Examining how other retailers have designed their holiday meals, one can hope that all the Thanksgiving basics — turkey, stuffing, side dishes, and dessert — will be covered. Perhaps it will be similar to Walmart's Convenient Holiday Meal, which includes enough for eight people and is priced about the same as Aldi's feast at $63.48. This meal package includes 17 different items, ranging from turkey and ham to pecan pie and dinner rolls. Publix, another similar grocery retailer, is offering a deal that costs slightly more and includes only six items. The Publix package feeds seven to 10 people for $69.99 and comes with just the basics, minus a ham.

In 2020, Aldi released a Thanksgiving Dinner shopping list that amounted to just $30. Unfortunately, the grocery chain didn't specify how many people that list of goods would feed. This year, Aldi is hinting that it might go one step further, but customers will have to wait and see.