TikTok's Foul-Mouthed Granny Has Us Crying With Laughter Over Carnation Milk

It seems that social media these days is chock full of videos of elderly people showcasing their comical, charming, oftentimes blunt nature. And every once in a while, these witty clips go viral as the result of making viewers of all ages laugh — sometimes out of sheer disbelief. One particularly entertaining, recent internet sensation is a 96-year-old woman by the name of Helen, whose decades-long love of Carnation Milk is evident.

Carnation Milk has a long history in the culinary world. The rich, smooth, versatile kitchen staple first appeared on market shelves in 1899, nearly 30 years before Helen graced the world with her presence. Much to social media users' delight, Helen's daughter — @mamawroe on TikTok and @mommawroe on Instagram — recorded her dear mom quoting a Carnation Milk proverb she had memorized from her childhood, "before television," as she was preparing to whip up a homemade pumpkin pie. However, the ditty never went mainstream, likely due to its hilariously vulgar lyrics referring to the dairy product's formula and packaging.

Carnation Milk's response is pure gold

The jingle's bawdy lyrics are: "Carnation Milk, the best in the land, comes in a tin with a red and white band. No t*ts to pull, no hay to pitch; just punch two holes in the son of a b*tch."


@Carnation @carnationsocial My 96-year-old mother whipped out this ryhme of your old "street slogan". She remembered this from when she was a kid, "before television"!!!!!

♬ The Old Lady Next Door – ADub

The Nestlé-owned brand saw the video and responded with a sweet message. Megan, Carnation's brand manager, confessed in a response video on TikTok that the jingle was indeed "a real contest submission that we received back in the 1940s." She continued, "Believe it or not, it was not selected to be our advertising campaign due to maybe obvious reasons." However, the company did end up rewarding the participant with a whopping $1,000. And then, in a surprising twist, Carnation Nation has offered to not only sponsor Helen's family's Thanksgiving dinner but also gift her $5,000 — the original contest's prize.

Helen's impeccable delivery of the naughty — yet unmistakably memorable — marketing rhyme and the genuine act of kindness on Carnation's behalf were both serendipitous. Fans and followers are absolutely loving the company's response, with one user commenting, "This is humanity and customer service." Another said Helen's rhyme inspired her to use Carnation milk to make Thanksgiving recipes. The power of nostalgia, humor, and enjoying a meal with loved ones clearly knows no bounds.