CosMc's Menu Is Like McDonald's From Another Dimension

CosMc's, McDonald's new restaurant brand, is coming to a galaxy near you. The concept is slated to debut in 2024 at select locations, and some of the first evidence of life has cropped up in Bolingbrook, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. TikTok creator @snackolator caught a glimpse of the menu at the new CosMc's location and reported that customers can expect a vast selection of beverages and an all-day breakfast.

He boiled the menu down to a hybrid of Sonic, McDonald's, and Starbucks. As for the decor and branding, it's all starring 1980s McDonald's character CosMc, a six-armed alien. The Illinois restaurant has four drive-thru lanes with digital menus to accommodate the takeout-only operation. In July, McDonald's CEO Chris Kempczinski reported that eliminating the dine-in option allows the chain to build restaurants on real estate that wasn't formerly available due to size. This is part of McDonald's overall strategy of building more small-size restaurants to answer an increased demand for takeout.

CosMc's menu is heavy on customizable beverages

What's coming in the new year is largely unknown, but one thing we look forward to is the launch of McDonald's new dining concept starring CosMc, the futuristic mascot you probably forgot about. Based on footage obtained by TikTok's @snackolator, CosMc's menu will feature an extensive drink list that has seemingly endless customization options. He specifically highlighted options with unique flavors like the Churro Frappe and the Popping Pear Slush. The menu also offers something for traditional coffee drinkers, including cold brew, hot coffee, cappuccinos, and lattes.



I think the new CosMc's will be a lot of fun and I am hoping McDonald's keep bringing some of the fun McCafe items from around the world. What do you think of the new CosMc's store and menu? #mcdonalds #cosmcs #mccafe #fastfood #fastfoodtok #macdonalds #mcdonaldslife #newfastfood #mccafetiktok #starbucks

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For food, CosMc's has sandwich options, including the Spicy Queso Sandwich and the Creamy Avocado Tomatillo Sandwich. Some McDonald's favorites will appear on the menu as well, including the Egg McMuffin, Sausage McMuffin, and McFlurries. You'll also see chocolate, vanilla, and swirl ice cream options.

As enticing as this menu may sound, the comment section on @snackolator's post was not enthusiastic. McDonald's has a prevailing reputation for broken ice cream and drink machines, and commenters have little faith that CosMc's will be a different story. "Good idea in theory, but McDonald's can't keep the ice cream machine clean and moving," wrote one contributor.