Taco Bell's Double Decker Taco Is Finally Returning

In the age of nostalgia, when people are always on the hunt for the comforts of a simpler time, Taco Bell is also trying to reminisce about the good old days. After bringing back a slew of discontinued fan favorites in 2023, including the Fiery Volcano Menu and the Enchirito — a dish that encompasses both burritos and enchiladas — the fast food giant is reintroducing another item, and this time it's the Double Decker Taco.

On December 5, Taco Bell transformed many fans' dreams into reality when it reinstated the long-awaited dish onto its menu for a limited time. "We listened to what our fans wanted from us," Taco Bell's C.M.O. Taylor Montgomery told Nation's Restaurant News as part of the press release, "and [we] knew we couldn't deny them the joy of the Double Decker Taco any longer."

The Double Decker Tacos, as well as the Double Decker Supreme Tacos (which also include diced tomatoes and sour cream), will be available for $2.99 and $3.69, respectively, for a limited time at Taco Bell locations nationwide.

The turbulent history of the Double Decker Taco

Much like many of Taco Bell's best-loved creations, when the Double Decker Taco was introduced in 1995, it was meant to be a limited-time offer. However, the combination of a bean-filled soft tortilla wrapped around a crunchy taco loaded with beef, lettuce, and cheddar cheese inspired such devotion from fans that the restaurant brought it back in 2006. It enjoyed a 13-year run on the menu before it was discontinued in 2019. While Taco Bell claimed in a blog post that this change was meant to streamline the menu and "make ordering easier," fans of the Double Decker Taco weren't too pleased.

After desperate fans protested in the form of Reddit threads and petitions, the restaurant finally dangled a carrot of hope in 2022. With the help of a voting feature on the Taco Bell app, die-hard taco lovers had the chance to vote the Double Decker Taco back onto the menu. Unfortunately, however, its competitor, the Enchirito, won with 62% of votes.

Since the Enchirito's return did nothing to quell demands for the Double Decker Taco, the chain's official Reddit account hinted in May 2023 that a return may be forthcoming. In an A.M.A. (or "Ask Me Anything"), Taylor Montgomery — the restaurant's C.M.O. – told a grieving fan, "Thank you for sharing, love your passion. I'm going to look into it." It appears this hint has finally come to fruition.