Cheez-It Joins TikTok's Latest Trend With Its Brr Bask-It Bundle

If you're not au courant with all of TikTok's latest trends, you've probably missed out on the whole Brr basket buzz. What it is, is a pretty basic collection of winter-themed gifts such as blankets, pajamas, mittens, hot chocolate mix, and whatnot, all packaged in, you guessed it, a basket. If you really want to go rogue, however, you might consider yourself still trend-adjacent with a box or a winter-themed paper gift bag.

So what does all this have to do with Cheez-Its, you may ask? Marketing is the answer, as is often the case. Cheez-Its crunched the numbers (crunchy things are its wheelhouse, after all) and noticed that the #BrrBasket hashtag had nearly 14 million views on TikTok. This figure naturally set visions of greenbacks dancing in corporate heads, so the company decided to come out with its very own Cheez-It** Brr Bask-It full of cracker-themed merch just in time for holiday spending — er, gifting.

What's in a Brr Bask-It bundle and where you can buy one

If you've been stumped by what to buy for any Cheez-It superfans on your holiday list and $60 doesn't seem like too much to spend for a novelty gift, you may wish to visit the Cheez-Its online store on December 12, at noon Eastern time when the Brr Bask-It bundle goes on sale. In exchange for your half-dozen sawbucks, what you'll get is a Cheez-It themed beanie, Cheez-It themed blanket, pair of Cheez-It themed dress socks, and two boxes of Cheez-It crackers: Extra Toasty and Extra Toasty Cheddar Jack.

If you're thinking the basket (or "bask-it," to use the company's cutesy styling), is a lie, you may be relieved to know that some sort of basket-type container will be included, along with red tissue paper and a card (which, again, will be Cheez-It themed). Sadly, the one thing this gift bundle (and the world) is lacking is a Cheez-It scented candle to make it redolent with cheesy cheer, but you could always add a lump of limburger cheese for some extra-pungent olfaction.