Remember When Outback Sold Steak Flights?

When you think of a flight, a small lineup of beers or cakes probably comes to mind. In 2013, Outback Steakhouse redefined the term with steak flights, allowing indecisive meat lovers and newbies alike to try multiple options. The flight, starting at $10.99, offered two or three 3-ounce steaks with 50 unique combinations. Each plate included an Outback Special Sirloin ($10.99) or Victoria's Filet Mignon ($19.99), green beans, potato cakes, and four sauces: Béarnaise, Wild Mushroom, Diablo, and Brandy Peppercorn. Now, 10 years post-flight menu, the Victoria's Filet Mignon is priced at $25.99 per 6-ounce; The 6-ounce sirloin is $17.79.

However, this seemingly amazing deal went as fast as it came, disappearing from the menu in just a few weeks. The real reason Outback Steakhouse's steak flights were discontinued wasn't announced, though a couple of possibilities are lack of popularity and loss of profit. The former seems especially true. Almost as soon as the store's Facebook page posted about the meal, naysayers flooded the comments. "[Those are] tiny steaks ... I need more than that," reads one post. Another said it was "stupid" to spend money on such small portions, while another asked if the meal was an appetizer. Now that trends have changed, it's worth exploring if the concept of a flight would be popular today.

Other companies have been more successful with steak flights

Whether they're remembered or not, steak flights are a thing of the past at Outback Steakhouse. Although things didn't work out for the Australian-themed restaurant, others have been more successful with steak flights. The idea isn't bad, especially if you can't decide which type of steak to order. According to a Reddit user, the steak and wine flight served at Columbus, Ohio's El Lugar was well worth it. In 2019, the original poster stated the flight only cost $26, and commenters believed it was a great deal. "$26 would get you a glass of wine and a side of fries where I live," read one comment.

Online businesses, such as Open Range Angus, also sell steak flights for home shipping. For $152.99, the package comes with two boneless ribeye steaks, two strip steaks, and two 8-ounce tenderloin filets. Due to rising food costs, this is likely a better deal than purchasing several steaks individually.