Snow Globe Cookies Will Transport You To A Winter Wonderland

The holiday season is the perfect time to break out the mixer and try your favorite Christmas cookie recipe. Not only are they delicious, but homemade holiday cookies make great gifts for even the pickiest person in your life. If you want to up the cute factor and stick with the winter theme, snow globe sugar cookies fit the bill. Snow globe cookies are sugar cookies with clear windows that house miniature gingerbread snowmen with sprinkles.

When the cookie is shaken, the sprinkles fall, mimicking snow. Snow globe cookies consist of two sugar cookies, one of which has an open hole filled with isomalt. Isomalt is a sugar substitute often used in sugar-free baked goods and hard candy. It's great for decorating because it dries with the transparency of glass. Unlike sugar, which takes on a yellow hue when heated to high temperatures, isomalt remains as clear. The isomalt in the cookie acts as the snow globe glass that houses the adorable decorations.

Challenge yourself by making them at home

Many versions of snow globe cookies can be made at home. No matter the type you choose to create, it's crucial to start with an easy-cut sugar cookie recipe. Since you will be using cooking cutters to form the base, you want a dough that can withstand being cut and holding its shape. If you choose to use isomalt, you'll need to melt it over high heat until it becomes liquid, then pour it into cooked, cooled cookies. If dealing with isomalt is out of your comfort zone, there are other creative ways to make snow globe cookies.

While it won't have a pane of sugar glass, you can ice the sugar cookie to look like a snow globe by using royal icing to create a three-dimensional scene. Frost a winter scene of your choice with snowmen, Christmas trees, and other seasonal symbols on a globe-shaped cookie. To make it look more realistic, white nonpareil sprinkles can be added around the cookies to look like falling snow. For those who want a glass-looking globe but don't need it to be edible, half of a plastic ornament or miniature globe can be placed over the top of a decorated cookie.