Turn Leftover Cans Of Cranberry Sauce Into Frozen, Chocolate-Covered Treats

Let's face it, one of the best parts of a holiday meal is the leftovers. If you're wondering what to do with leftovers, there are plenty of options, from sandwiches to salads, and even soups. While these leftover meal ideas tend to focus on savory creations, there's always room for dessert. Leftover cranberry sauce, whether homemade or from a can, may cause some tension at the dinner table, but can be transformed into a tasty chocolate dessert for next-day snacking.

One of the best ways to use cranberries (that guests will actually love), is to transform them into something less recognizable. Canned cranberries can be sliced, frozen, and dipped in chocolate to create a chewy chocolatey sweet treat. Carolina Gelen shared her leftover cranberry hack on Instagram that's incredibly simple and easy to make. The recipe only requires two ingredients, canned cranberry, and dark chocolate bars, and doesn't require any real cooking or baking knowledge. Canned cranberry already comes in a nice log shape, making it easy to slice into perfect rounds. Once the rounds are frozen, they're dipped in chocolate and then frozen until hardened and ready to eat.

It's a divisive treat

People were divided over the sweet treat, with some thinking it was a genius idea and others shuddering at the thought of eating any canned cranberry. One commenter wrote, "I can't decide if I'm amazed or disgusted." Another shared their equally confused feelings, writing, "I hate cranberry sauce but this looks kinda bomb." No matter your feelings on canned cranberry, it's not that unusual to pair chocolate and cranberry together. Cranberries are inherently tart with a touch of sweetness that complements the more bitter dark chocolate. Ocean Spray even sells dark chocolate-covered cranberry bites.

While canned cranberry is used to make these frozen chocolate treats, homemade cranberry sauce could also be used. Instead of perfect rounds, you could make chocolate-covered clusters with a homemade version. If the canned cranberry is still making you a bit uneasy, add some kick with chili flakes before covering it in chocolate. Not only will it help tamp down the sweetness, but it'll also add depth to the flavor, similar to Mexican chocolate.  Several commenters shared that chocolate-covered jelly rings are popular worldwide and adding some fresh raspberry would complement the cranberry.