Aldi's Holiday Spreads Give Boring Bread And Crackers Festive Life

If you're a fan of peanut butter or Nutella on crackers, then you might want to try adding a little holiday cheer to your favorite snack. Among the Aldi finds you need for a truly cozy December are two spreads that are hopefully as versatile as they are festive. As advertised on Aldi's website, two Specially Selected sweet holiday spreads have hit shelves, and they'll ideally dress up any snack, charcuterie board, or elevated PB&J you plan to whip up this season. The spreads come in two holiday-ready flavors: Cinnamon Bun and Gingerbread Caramel.

Quite a few Specially Selected spreads have appeared on Aldi shelves over the years, from sweet and savory cheese-pairing spreads to various fruit spreads. Since the popular grocery store chain never shies away from introducing new seasonal products, it's unsurprising that the brand has created a special spread for the holidays. With warm cinnamon or sweet-and-spicy gingerbread flavors, these spreads can likely be served in plenty of inventive ways.

How to use Aldi's holiday spreads

As is customary for the Aldi brand, the company aims to offer its new products at an affordable price, and this applies to its holiday spreads. You can snag an 8.5 ounce jar of Specially Selected Cinnamon Bun or Gingerbread Caramel spread for $2.99 (though this may change by location). As for how to use these spreads this season, the possibilities may only be limited by your imagination.

You can try spreading them on bread for an easy, grab-and-go treat or on crackers for a classic sweet-and-salty combo. Just as easily, you can use it as a peanut butter substitute on a sandwich, dip fruit into it, or serve it with cheese, crackers, and wine as an appetizer. Of course, if you're really in the mood for a serious dose of holiday cheer, you can always dip a Christmas cookie — or just a spoon — right into the jar. These spreads can no doubt also be added onto plenty of underrated Aldi holiday desserts, so experiment by putting them in your favorite festive recipes.