Sour Cream Is The Secret Ingredient For Smoother, Tangier Waffles

Waffles are a delicious and simple breakfast choice. For those reasons, they are very popular. Did you know that an unexpected ingredient can go a long way toward turning everyday waffles into mouthwateringly indulgent ones?

This addition is humble sour cream, which provides a wide variety of benefits in the process of creating smooth, slightly tangy waffles. For starters, sour cream can make your waffles noticeably fluffier. This is a result of some basic baking chemistry. Sour cream is mildly acidic, reacting with leavening agents like baking soda and baking powder. This creates air bubbles within the batter that make ultra-fluffy waffles. The moisture and fat content of sour cream are also important, creating a softer crumb and a richer flavor.

Meanwhile, sour cream is well known for providing a subtle tang to baked goods along the lines of sophisticated sourdough bread. This can add an ideal note of complexity that complements the sweet syrup and fruit toppings or savory accompaniments like eggs, bacon, or breakfast sausage.

More unexpected additions to improve waffles

Sour cream also makes a great addition to batters that feature another unexpected ingredient that will change your waffles forever — seltzer water. This effervescent liquid (paired with sour cream and buttermilk powder) further introduces those air bubbles we mentioned earlier, leading to an even lighter and fluffier result.

There are plenty of other secret ingredients that will make your waffles incredible, too. Sweet flavors like pumpkin puree and cinnamon brown sugar work well, as does lemon zest. Meanwhile, those looking to add a savory boost can include some crumbled bacon or bacon fat. Booze is also popular, including Guinness beer, amaretto, and Bailey's Irish Cream. Some options don't provide flavor but change the texture and structure of your waffles, like yeast and cornstarch. Both cornstarch and yeast can make your waffles crispier.

The next time your ordinary waffles need a boost, reach for the sour cream and see how this simple addition can transform the taste and texture of your breakfast.