Do Yourself A Favor And Avoid The Scrambled Eggs On Cruise Ships

Hitting the buffet can be one of the simple pleasures of taking a cruise. It's especially convenient at breakfast time when hungry vacationers can grab a quick meal before exploring a new port or enjoying the ship's amenities. Those looking for the best buffet experience should skip that heaping tray of scrambled eggs, though.

The main reason is that they're typically far lower quality than scrambled eggs in most other settings. That's because large batches, like those on cruise ships, are usually made from powdered eggs. It's easy to understand why, as powdered eggs can be more efficiently stored, transported, and prepared compared to fresh ones. In the process of rehydrating and cooking them, powdered eggs can often end up wet and squishy. That is not the texture anyone is looking for from their morning eggs. The flavor can also be somewhat less than ideal.

Any eggs you can get freshly prepared, like omelets or other made-to-order options, are a better choice for cruisers who enjoy a hearty breakfast to start their day.

Avoiding cruise buffet pitfalls

In truth, scrambled eggs are one of the headliners among the 13 cruise ship foods you should and shouldn't eat. Others that you should avoid while on the high seas include sushi (for quality and food safety reasons), self-serve ice cream (a top spot for germs to collect), and even pizza that has likely been sitting and drying out way too long under those warming lamps. Those prone to seasickness should also avoid hamburgers and other heavy foods, which can make symptoms worse.

The powdered eggs may be surprising to some but it won't come as a shock to those who know the truth about cruise ship buffets. While they're convenient, the food may not be very fresh or particularly sanitary. Dozens or hundreds of hands touch the serving utensils and even the food itself on the buffets. They can also be very wasteful with vast quantities of food thrown out every day after sitting out for too long.

Remember this tip on your next excursion out to sea and you'll enjoy tastier, healthier breakfasts to fuel you up for a big day ahead.