Here's Why Your Pecan Pie Came Out Runny

Pecan pie is a staple for many home bakers over the holidays. It's sweet, nutty, and has a texture and flavor that go perfectly with a dollop of ice cream or whipped topping. If you've never made one before (or if it's just been a while), you can rest assured that making a basic pecan pie recipe is pretty easy. That said, the process isn't entirely foolproof. Issues can still arise, just like with any baking project, and where pecan pie is concerned, one of the most common problems is pulling your pie out of the oven and realizing it has a soupy middle.

Pecan pie filling is extremely liquidy when it first goes into the oven, as it's primarily just sugar, corn syrup, and eggs (though you can use maple syrup as an ingredient swap if you're not keen on corn syrup). As such, you have to cook the pecan pie long enough for this liquid to develop a custard-like consistency. If your pecan pie is runny, simply bake it a bit longer, even up to 20 minutes. When the pie has been thoroughly baked, you'll be able to give it a gentle shake, and the middle will appear firm — if you've ever baked a pumpkin pie, it's the same concept.

Remember not to burn the pie crust

While giving your pecan pie some extra baking time is one solution for a runny center, what if you're worried that popping it back in the oven will burn the pie crust that's already baked to a perfectly golden hue? In these instances, reach for the aluminum foil. Place a sheet beneath your pie and then gingerly curl the foil upward around the crust edges, effectively crafting a collar so that the crust is protected from the heat. You can also try lowering your oven temperature just slightly.

For future pies, consider making one of these foil collars at the beginning of the baking process and then removing it so the crust can brown in the final stages of baking. Additionally, consider glazing the crust. The glaze you choose will influence the crust's final color. Use a whole egg for a more golden-yellow hue, milk for a darker hue, or just the egg yolk for something in the middle. Soon, you'll be eating pecan pie that's perfectly baked, inside and out.