Aldi's Cannoli Dips Have Customers Rushing To The Store

In much the same way that Costco shoppers will flock to the chain to discover what new seasonal items are appearing on its shelves, Aldi's customers get to look forward to the same experience throughout the year. This holiday season, sweets lovers are doing a double take at a new Aldi treat that's very similar to a popular Trader Joe's dessert: the chain's creamy cannoli dip. It's known to sell out quickly at Trader Joe's, so cannoli dip fans are excited to try a similar version from Aldi, where you can buy a 10-ounce tub for slightly less than you would pay at Trader Joe's.

As shown on Aldi's U.S. Instagram, its new cannoli dip comes in two varieties that are inspired by the classic Italian confection. One is chocolate chip-flavored and blended with vanilla, sour cream, and mini chocolate chips, while the other is a holiday-themed peppermint dip with minty morsels mixed in. Trader Joe's version, meanwhile, is a heavier mixture with a cream cheese and ricotta base, so many shoppers are interested to try Aldi's lighter version. This new addition to the dessert aisle is even stirring up discussions on social media about what foods are best to pair with the dip.

Aldi's cannoli dip is available for just a couple of bucks

Aldi's new cannoli dip aims to give customers all the decadence of cannoli filling for $3.69 per tub. In the comments of Aldi's Instagram post, some fans are saying the dip has already sold out at their local store. Those who got a chance to snag some, however, are singing its praises. "Bought both cannoli dips yesterday and the peppermint one is already half gone," one Aldi buyer admitted. Some are asking for advice about what to eat with the dip, with suggestions including Nilla wafers and graham crackers.

Aldi's other self-proclaimed finds include mini empanadas, flatbread pizza, and turkey meatballs. But if you're lucky enough to get your hands on some of Aldi's cannoli dip, you have a lot of options for dipping snacks. Fresh fruits like strawberries or apple slices would make great juicy vehicles for this dessert dip, though you could instead go the salty route and use pretzels. Animal crackers or crushed waffle cookies would also be ideal flavor combos. You could even spread it onto a crunchy toasted bagel instead of cream cheese for something new at breakfast time.