No Costco Membership? You Can Still Enjoy A Copycat Of Its Sheet Cake

Costco membership is not for everyone. You might live nowhere near a store, you might have a sufficiently small household that buying in bulk is the precursor to food waste, or you might just object on principle to the idea of paying to shop. Still, even if you're a Costco refusenik, you may be wondering what's the big deal about the bakery's sheet cake. Is it really as amazing as all that? Well, if you'd like to find out without forking over a $60 Costco membership fee, you can always take our DIY version for a test drive.

If you're used to getting creative with a box of cake mix, you may find that this Costco copycat cake requires some extra time and effort — 45 minutes worth of prep, plus another 20 minutes of baking time. Recipe developer Molly Allen, however, feels that "the best part [of] this cake [recipe is that it ] is made entirely from scratch" not just because of the flavor, but also because this more complex process will "allow ... you to try your hand at learning a new baking skill."

This recipe is plain vanilla, but your sheet cake need not be

The Costco sheet cake Allen is emulating here is one she describes as "layered with two layers of vanilla cake, paired with that unrivaled mousse filling, all frosted in a deliciously smooth buttercream." So, yes, white cake with white filling and white frosting. Classic, if a bit monochromatic, although you can always add a bit of color by breaking out your cake decorating kit or, for an easier option, simply flinging a handful of sprinkles at it as Allen has done. Those same sprinkles could also be stirred into the batter, filling, frosting, or all three for a funfetti effect.

If you feel a bit more daring, though, you could also make some changes to this basic cake recipe that would affect how it tastes. Swap out the vanilla extract for almond, lemon, or peppermint, or stir in some cocoa powder to make it chocolaty. Shaved chocolate or mini chocolate chips can also be added to the cake while the filling could be replaced or supplemented with a layer of jam. Sliced, fruit, too, would make a lovely addition to the filling layer or could do dual duty atop the cake, not only looking pretty but adding some extra flavor.