The Hidden Detail In An Ice Breakers Logo You Probably Didn't Notice

Ice Breakers is an all-time favorite when it comes to freshening breath. With a variety of minty gum and candies, the brand, owned by Hershey's, has given us plenty of treats over the years to chew on and cool down with. However, one thing stays consistent across all Ice Breakers products. Ice Breakers have flavor crystals. As it turns out, these crystals don't simply contribute to the candies' iconic look and intense flavor. One is also hidden in the logo. 

Many of our favorite products have logos we instantly recognize, but most of us haven't closely examined them for hidden clues. For example, the Hershey Company snuck a message into the Hershey's Kisses logo you likely missed. A subtle Hershey's Kiss is incorporated between the letters "K" and "S" in the text. This isn't the only logo in which the folks at Hershey hid a secret. One of those iconic flavor crystals is hidden within the words "Ice Breakers" in one of the brand's logos.

The Ice Breakers logo pays homage to what makes these candies so special

The Ice Breakers brand was founded by Nabisco in the 1990s and acquired by the Hershey Company in 2000. Based on that little Hershey's Kiss logo detail, it's clear that the famous brand is a fan of what they call "design winks." According to a Hershey Company representative, "We have done a similar design wink in our Ice Breakers logo where the crystal shape references our iconic flavor crystals." The text for the Ice Breakers logo looks simple, but there's a diamond hiding between the letters "K" and "E" to mimic the look of a flavor crystal. Since Ice Breakers was known for having flavor crystals, it's only fitting that the words have one embedded in them, too.  

From Ice Cubes gum with cooling crystals to mints with colorful, fruity crystals, you can always recognize an Ice Breakers product by the little diamond specks. Now, you'll be reminded of that when you see the logo. You might even feel a little chilly just looking at it from now on.