Can You Reuse Old Nespresso Pods? Here's What TikTok Has To Say

Nespresso is loved for its convenience. The best Nespresso machines are quick, easy, and have a tasty output. This convenience, however, comes at a cost. For example, it can feel wasteful for the planet — and your wallet — to use a new pod every time you drink a cup of coffee. In an attempt to reuse, don't bother trying to get another use out of a spent pod as is, with the same grounds and all; the second brew will come out diluted and weak. Instead, the hub of all hacks, TikTok, proposed a solution that allows people to sneak a couple of uses out of an old Nespresso pod without reusing the original coffee grounds.

One TikTok creator showed at-home java makers how to take an old Nespresso pod and put fresh coffee grounds in it to brew a second cup. This simple process involves tearing the top seal off of a Nespresso pod and scooping out its used contents. This results in an empty cup, which the creator filled with their favorite type of ground coffee beans. The pod still needs a lid, so the key to this hack is an aluminum foil cover, which can be adhered to the top of a Nespresso pod to make it look as good as new. This method does involve purchasing aluminum lids, but it could still be worthwhile ... if the reused Nespresso pod can produce a quality beverage.

There are limits to reusing Nespresso pods

The creator's TikTok video, viewed over 2 million times, left viewers speculating about the hack's success rate. It turns out that there are limits to reusing a Nespresso pod. The creator wrote, "After I reuse the pods twice i cant use them anymore." Some viewers attested to this point, too. Specifically, one commenter pointed out that doing this made their Nespresso machine "a mess after a while" and, as a result, claimed their machine stopped working. Therefore, it seems like, after one or two reuses, it's time to throw out that Nespresso pod.


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Other commenters offered different pieces of advice when it comes to reusing and recycling the pods and their contents. Nespresso capsules are hard to recycle due to their aluminum material, so Nespresso developed a way for customers to drop off used pods at various locations for recycling. Although the creator's methods have been referred to as "fairly genius," another commenter shared that reusable pod options are available to purchase; these are compatible with various versions of Nespresso machines. Plus, employing reusable pods from the start allows you to customize them with your favorite coffee beans in the first place.

To top off this environmentally friendly cup of coffee, don't forget to use the coffee grounds as a compostable source of nutrients for your garden.