Bruleed Sugar Turns Any Cheesecake Into A Showstopper

Cheesecake is a wonderfully versatile dessert, one that can be combined with just about anything to put a delicious spin on it. This leads experimental folks to come up with inventive cheesecake crust alternatives or to wonder at desserts with a similar consistency or taste. As a result, some may consider whether their techniques can be applied to a cheesecake variation.

Take crème brûlée, for example. Crunchy top, smooth base. Now compare that to cheesecake, which has a smooth top and crunchy base. Both of these desserts are delicious in their own right thanks in part to that contrast. The question that naturally arises is whether we can top a cheesecake with brûléed sugar.

Brûléed, or caramelized, sugar is what adds a layer of crunch to a perfect crème brûlée. The combination of its brittle texture and sweet taste complements the smooth vanilla beneath so beautifully that this decadent dessert is a staple on restaurant dessert menus.

Brûlée your cheesecake

This treat has the potential to go beyond the perfect crème brûlée spoon-tap moment. For example, spreading a layer over the top of cookies adds even more crunch and gently torching a sugar-coated rim of a cocktail glass can give a sweet kick to the right tipple. Similarly, using it as a topping for your cheesecake can take this favorite dessert to new heights.

Using brûléed sugar, you can elevate a classic New York cheesecake recipe by transforming it into an out-and-out crème brûlée cheesecake. All you need to do differently is sprinkle caster sugar on the top of your cheesecake after it's been baked and cooled then gently caramelize it using a brûlée torch.

Once the sugar is nice and crisp, garnish it with some seasonal berries to add a pop of color (as well as a shot of tartness), and serve your dessert in all its golden glory. Your soul will thank you for the delightful experience of crunching through the top layer, gliding through the cheesecake mix, and arriving home at that perfectly biscuity base.