Smoke Iced Coffee To Take It To A Whole New Level

Perhaps you've heard of smoked cocktails before, and maybe you've even had the chance to sample one for yourself. But did you know smoke can also be used in iced coffee and cold brews? Infusing a drink this way is an intriguing concept in itself, but at first, it may seem like it's all for show. However, once you taste the complex flavors it brings to the table, you'll see why adding this nuance to the recipe is about more than just presentation.

Coffee is often a morning ritual that you might grab on the way to work, or you might opt to brew a quick pot at home to guzzle down before starting your day. Still, if you ever have the chance to take your time while making an iced coffee, smoking it doesn't take much effort and deepens the flavors even further.

All you need is a small kitchen blowtorch and wood chips to get the job done. The type of wood chips used matters because different kinds, such as applewood or hickory, will each flavor the iced coffee in distinct ways. It's easy to find bundles of various kinds of wood chips in home improvement stores or chains like Walmart, but you can also get them online for cheaper. Once the beans are ground and the coffee is brewed, the wood chips are lit on fire and the smoke is captured by placing a glass over the chips.

Seal the glass to let the coffee and smoke mix

While it's standard to use only cold smoke when smoking cocktails, hot smoke is used for iced coffee and cold brew recipes. This means that one could even place a baking dish full of coffee into a smoker set to 180 degrees Fahrenheit for a couple hours to achieve even smokier results. For fans of floral iced coffee flavors, this smoking technique can be also applied to whatever plant is being used rather than wood chips. Lavender sprigs or even rose petals can be fired up to trap the smoke in the same way.

Once the fire goes out and the smoke has been adequately collected in the drinking glass, quickly pour the coffee into that same glass and seal it tight so the coffee and smoke can blend (mason jars with lids work well for this step). After a few minutes, the drink is ready to be poured into a new glass filled with ice. The next time you make coffee for guests, this unique coffee hack is one that's sure to impress.