Yes, You Can Celebrate Your Birthday At Costco

While we were pretty impressed back when one Costco superfan shared a TikTok video of an elaborate Costco-themed birthday party, TikToker Madison Stimmel (@allthingsbeautybymadison) decided that wasn't enough for her upcoming birthday. Instead, she rounded up her family, and off they went, in matching sweatshirts, to celebrate inside of an actual Costco. Dinner at Costco's food court for all seven came to $30.88, and the employees presented Madison with a free birthday cake, singing "Happy Birthday" to her. Madison was thrilled.

Some commenters were impressed with the vanilla mousse cheesecake she received, remarking, "That's the absolute best" and "That sounds amazing!" Overall, many thought that Costco was missing out on a big opportunity by not allowing people to rent the food court or a designated party room, with one person observing, "If Costco had a party room, it would be sold out constantly. This is a brilliant idea." Madison may seem like a rare case, but the truth is, more people are celebrating their birthdays at Costco than you realize — and you can, too.

Fans can't wait to have their own Costco birthdays

For Madison Stimmel, aka @allthingsbeautybymadison, the idea of a Costco birthday sounded perfect. "My family and I love Costco and have been members for years," she told FOX Business. "I really didn't want to do anything big or fancy for my birthday this year, and Costco just popped into my head," she added. And, thanks to Costco's legendary low prices, they were able to get five hot dogs and sodas, a chicken bake, a rotisserie chicken Caesar salad, and a cheese pizza for less than $31. While having a birthday celebration at Costco may seem like an anomaly, several in the comments proved that's not the case.


My family and I celebrated my birthday dinner this year at Costco with matching sweatshirts, thats all I wanted to do 😂🖤❤️ Dinner was only $30.88 for 7 people🥳 The best part was the @Costco Wholesale women coming over to my table and singing happy birtbday to me with an entire birthday cake that we got to take home! I did not expect that at all, it was so generous & kind of them 🤗 I really thought someone in my family had planned that😅 Cheapest and best birthday dinner yet 🎉 #costco #costcofinds #costcotiktok #costcobuys #costcomusthaves #costcohaul #costcodeals #costcomamma #costcoguide #birthday #birthdayparty #birthdaygirl #birthdaycake #birthdaygift #birthdaysurprise #birthdays

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One exclaimed that their 4-year-old son picked Costco for his birthday dinner three years in a row, while another said she also had her birthday at Costco. Others joined in, saying they'd had bachelorette parties, college graduation celebrations, and wedding anniversaries there. Best of all, it seems Stimmel started a new trend, with many remarking they now planned to spend their birthdays and upcoming special occasions at Costco.

Costco may not be the first place that comes to mind when brainstorming where to hold a birthday party. However, now that the word is out that you can snag a table and have an inexpensive birthday dinner (and maybe a free cake), we may see many more people wearing matching sweatshirts and birthday accessories in the Costco food court.