The Reason Aldi Will Never Be Your Destination For Buying In Bulk

Fans know all about the unique features that separate Aldi from other grocery stores. Aldi's prices and its steady stream of new exclusive products will always make this grocery chain stand out among the competition. Yet, there's one thing that you should never head to Aldi for; bulk buying. Like with some of the mistakes people make when shopping at Costco, buying large quantities of different items at Aldi could be a wrong move. There are some things you should never buy in bulk like perishables or products that take up lots of room. For items that are on sale or that you always find yourself stocking up on, though, bulk buying can be smart. 

So, why not buy in bulk at a grocery chain that's known for its great prices? Well, it turns out that Aldi has no intention of encouraging its customers to buy in bulk and the reason is quite simple. Aldi managing director, Jordan Lack, told The Sydney Morning Herald, "When customers have that limited amount of money to spend each week, I think it's really important that they can get the breadth of their goods. We haven't changed our ranging structures to move to bulk in this time because we actually have the right pack sizes at the best price possible." According to Lack, Aldi is "disciplined to stay true to value," and from their perspective, competing with stores that encourage bulk buying isn't actually what's most conducive to keeping prices low for their customers. 

Aldi steers clear of different pricing models

Aldi has made a name for itself for having great prices. As a result, it's easy to see that the minds behind the grocery store chain have achieved this by sticking to their pricing principles. The reason why wholesale stores are ideal for bulk buying is because of wholesale pricing. This means that wholesale stores buy in bulk straight from the manufacturer, which lowers prices. To make bulk buying prices work well for customers, Aldi would have to pivot to this pricing model. This would change the chain's operation and might ultimately affect the typical prices and products Aldi fans are used to. 

For this reason, if you want to buy in bulk, wholesale pricing is the best option. For wholesale prices, you should head to a wholesale store. Since Aldi's pricing model is important to its customer base, it must stay the same. Luckily, Aldi's team is committed. Jordan Lack says, "Competitors use high-low pricing a lot in their stores ... We don't have the 'high price this week, low price next week' where it's in a catalogue and people have to stock up," per The Sydney Morning Herald. So, while it may not be the best place for bulk buying or hunting for sales, it's a great place for low prices on all the essentials. Lack explained, "We just have that lowest price on an everyday basis, so that's what customers will see when they come into our stores."