Air Fry Burrata Cheese For The Ultimate Game Day Snack

For some folks, one of the best parts of watching a sports game is the food. But sports snacks don't have to be limited to chips and dip or chicken wings. Add a bit of sophisticated flavor to your next game-day party by combining the creamy richness of burrata cheese with the versatile power of an air fryer.

The principle is essentially the same as more familiar fare like mozzarella sticks or fried cheese curds. As such, you might find it helpful to place the burrata in the freezer for a few minutes before you begin to help firm up the otherwise delicate cheese.

Once it's chilled, the burrata can be carefully breaded using a typical flour-egg-breadcrumb technique, followed by just a few minutes in the air fryer. This cooking process firms up the cheese's outer layers while allowing the interior to retain the delightful creaminess burrata is known for. This snack is particularly great for game day because it can be popped in the air fryer during a commercial break or a stop in play and cooked hands-off until it's ready to enjoy.

More tips for amazing game-day burrata

Because of the burrata's relatively delicate nature, it's crucial to give your air fryer tray a quick spritz of cooking spray, even if it's nonstick. Otherwise, your burrata could stick to the tray and rupture, spilling all that delicious filling all over your fryer.

It's easy to customize the fried burrata's flavor to fit your tastes and to blend with other dishes. Add a sprinkling of Italian seasoning to the breadcrumbs, top it with parsley and grated cheese, and serve it with marinara sauce for a traditional take. Alternatively, experiment with other spice blends and sauces that can play off the burrata's subtle flavor and creamy texture. Making the cheese yourself is also simple since the only two ingredients you need for homemade burrata are fresh cow's milk cheese curds and heavy cream. While this snack may be a bit unusual and more sophisticated than you might be used to, air-fried burrata will be a welcome addition to your personal list of awesome appetizers for game-day snacking.