Reddit Is Rightfully Calling Out Costco Shoppers' Bad Behavior

Grocery shopping is a mostly unexciting experience. When it does get interesting, it's usually for all the wrong reasons. There's something about being at the supermarket that can bring out the worst in people, and this is even true for members-only establishments like Costco.

There are set rules shoppers must follow at Costco, but sometimes even unspoken, seemingly-common etiquette norms can be dashed by a few bad actors. On January 15, one person posted on Reddit about a couple of nightmare scenarios they experienced when they visited their local warehouse. While browsing the shelves, they noticed that someone had opened up a bag of coconut ube rolls, presumably to sample one, before disappearing into the crowd.

The worst was yet to come, though. When the Redditor got home and opened up their newly purchased strawberries, they realized that someone had already opened the carton, taken a bite from one, and replaced the stem. This part of the story was particularly vomit-inducing for their fellow Redditors, with one user commenting that this would have sent them "over the edge."

Reddit wants to combat bad supermarket etiquette

The Reddit poster isn't the only victim of this Costco-centric madness, either. Other users commented on the post to share their experiences, one of whom described the moment they saw someone take a bunch of cookies they didn't like out of a box and replace them with a brand they preferred.

Discussion, as tends to happen, turned to solutions. Folks were perplexed by Costco's lack of intervention regarding people's defacement of its products, with one user suggesting that the chain should use its in-store camera footage to track down and impose lifetime bans upon these individuals. Another Redditor came to a similar conclusion, saying that membership cards should be revoked in these kinds of situations, particularly due to their own perceived increase in weird, gross behavior in the stores as of late.

If you're one of these Costco bandits, you should think twice before shoving your hands into a packet of sweets and creating food waste just to satisfy a curiosity. Remember: While Costco is unlikely to catch you, Reddit certainly might.