Add Fried Shallots To Eggs For A Crispy, Savory Upgrade

Eggs are a simple food, and their simplicity is their superpower. In the morning, when a quick and easy breakfast is indispensable, there's no need to overcomplicate a classic egg dish. For maximum flavor and minimum effort, throwing on a simple topping like fried shallots is the way to go. Savory fried shallots effortlessly inject both flavor and texture into eggs, giving them the ultimate savory upgrade.

You may occasionally encounter fried shallots in a burger or salad, but they're also a common topping in Southeast Asian cuisine. In Indonesia, for example, bawang goreng (fried shallots) are used to top off everything from fried rice to noodles to stews. They're a versatile garnish with a pleasant aroma and a delicate crunch. Shallots are less punchy than onions, and their hint of sweetness makes them a perfect addition to eggs. You can find them at most Asian markets, or you can fry up some of your own at home. If oil frying isn't your thing, one of the best ways to make crispy shallots is in the oven. Homemade crispy shallots can be stored in an airtight container for a couple of weeks — plenty of time to enjoy them with multiple meals.

Fried shallots are all your eggs need

Shallots are exceedingly fragrant and have a sweet-and-salty flavor that complements eggs perfectly. They also have a soft-spoken butteriness that's unlocked when they're thinly sliced and fried in oil. This depth of flavor means your eggs won't require much more. Fried shallots can elevate avocado and egg toast or make a simple egg sandwich even more mouthwatering.

Fried shallots' texture is equally as important as their flavor. Sautéing shallots is an easy way to access savory flavor that will enhance your eggs, but this preparation method skips out on the shallot's potential crispiness. When an egg dish needs textural variation, shallots that are deep-fried (or oven-fried) to a brown crisp become an esteemed garnish. Take, for example, slow cooker scrambled eggs. This fluffy recipe — which is already boosted in richness and flavor with butter, cream, and cheese — will welcome fried shallots with open arms. The contrast between the soft eggs and crunchy onions makes for an irresistible breakfast.