The Viral 3-Foot Sandwich That Made A Detroit Lions Fan Internet Famous

You never know what will happen at a football game. From impressive plays to rowdy fan behavior, stadiums bear witness to all kinds of unexpected events. It's safe to say, however, that a viral 3-foot sandwich wasn't on anyone's game-day bingo cards. On Sunday, January 21, the Detroit Lions played the Tampa Bay Buds at Detroit's Ford Field — one of many NFL stadiums known for their food. One Detroit Lions fan and season ticket holder, John Robinson, enjoys Ford Field's sandwiches, in particular. Up in the stands, Robinson stole the spotlight by chomping away at a 3-foot-tall sandwich resting precariously on his lap, as reported by MLive.

You may be picturing a very long sub sandwich, which wouldn't be unheard of at a game, but instead, this sandwich was much more vertically oriented. Robinson's meal consisted of six sandwiches stacked on top of one another to create a whole new sandwich with some serious height. The spectacle certainly amused many fans and turned out to be one of the game's highlights. In particular, the sandwich caught the attention of X (formerly known as Twitter) user @TDesOrmeau, who opportunely took a photo of the comical occurrence and gave the internet a viral moment.

How did the sandwich make it into the stands?

The question of how Robinson got his viral sandwich into the stands is a viable one. No, he didn't make it at home and smuggle it in, nor does Ford Field sell such a tall sandwich. To make it, the Detroit Lions fan bought six turkey club sandwiches from Grobbel's Gourmet Deli inside the stadium's concourse and assembled them on top of one another using skewer sticks. Perhaps an even more impressive feat than balancing the sandwich in the stands was Robinson eating it all himself rather than sharing it with friends. "The guys sometimes get some of the sandwich, but last night I didn't share at all," he told MLive.

According to Robinson, he's practiced sandwich-stacking at the games for a while: "I made that sandwich (on Sunday) a little bit bigger just because it's the playoffs," he explained. Fortunately for Robinson, the Lions won the game 31-23, so maybe you should add his sandwich to your list of must-try Super Bowl recipes for a bit of luck.