Coors Light's Cryptic Pre-Super Bowl Ad, Explained

Some of the best and worst beer commercials of all time have aired during Super Bowls of the past. So, it's safe to assume that there will be some memorable beer ads during this year's game as well. While we have a few weeks to wait to see this year's Super Bowl commercials air on February 11, Coors Light has given us a very interesting — and cryptic — preview of what's to come. This year, you can ride on the Coors Light Beer Train — virtually, that is.

If you have a memory of the Coors Light Beer Train, that's because this isn't a new mode of transportation. This bullet train hit the tracks back in 2005, gracing commercials and delivering beer to thirsty, 21+ Americans in style. After spending more than a decade out of service, the Coors Light Chill Train, as it's now called, is back in action, and you can star in its big comeback commercial. Coors Light released a teaser, explaining how to get a seat on the Chill Train. Those who snag a ticket will be virtually seated on the train in a slow-motion version of the Coors Light Super Bowl ad. Yes — this means you'll be able to say, "Hey look, there's me!" to the folks at your Super Bowl party when the commercial's extended cut is released on YouTube that day.

This will be one memorable train ride

The Coors Light Chill Train has 100 seats for lucky ticket holders. Starting on Sunday, January 28, you can head to once you see the Coors Light TV teaser playing during the NFC Championship Game. From then on, new chances to book will open up daily at 1 p.m. through Friday, February 2.

And, while being in an ad for the most popular beer on Super Bowl Sunday alongside some "special guests" is plenty of incentive for some, there are a few other perks, too. Since you'll technically be an actor in a Super Bowl commercial, you'll get $500 in talent fees, a contract, and of course, some limited edition Coors Light Chill Train merch. According to Vice President of Marketing for the Coors Family of Brands, Marcelo Pascoa, "We can't wait to introduce the Coors Light Chill Train to the next generation of Coors Light drinkers, giving our fans a front row, or window seat, to the action." Pascoa added, "There's no better stage than the Super Bowl to usher in the return of the most iconic beer train—the Coors Light Chill Train." Looks like this will be one Super Bowl moment to remember.