This Is The Most Popular Beer On Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday may not be a national holiday (yet) but there's no bigger day for the beer industry than this celebration of the gridiron. A Super Bowl party without beer is like a birthday party without cake, taco night without tacos, or Halloween without candy. You get the idea. Beer is the king of the Super Bowl. Beer companies pour millions into their commercials and it's all in the hope that sports fans will hit up the fridge for another brewski to wash down those Super Bowl chicken wings

As for which beer is the most popular brew of choice on this holiest of game days, well, just like the Super Bowl itself — there can be only one winner.

Football fans love Coors Light

Nothing goes better with watching American football than an ice-cold beer and for most football fans, that means a light lager. As for which brand of light lager takes top honors, that would be none other than the taste of the Rockies itself — Coors Light. According to data and consumer engagement company, Beer Board, the silver bullet is the preferred choice of beer, followed closely by surprise, surprise — Miller Light and Bud Light (via VinePair). 

Considering that Coors and Miller are both owned by Molson Coors Brewing, the battle for Super Bowl superiority is really between them and Bud Light maker, Anheuser-Busch. Which company comes out on top is a pretty serious thing, and in 2019 it was a full-on grudge match between the two. CNBC reported that Bud Light dissed Coors by accusing them of using corn syrup in their beer and Miller/Coors hit back and dogged them for poor sales and using rice in their brewing process. Dramaaaa! 

Football fans drink a lot of beer too

Like we mentioned, Super Bowl Sunday is big business for the beer industry. Everyone from the big beer brands to the microbrewery in your hometown is hoping to move a lot of product. Just how much beer are football fans guzzling down before, during, and after the game though?

According to Men's Journal, football fans in the United States alone drink some 325.5 million gallons of beer on game day. All that beer equals around $1.3 billion in sales. Considering that beer sales are through the roof, it's really no surprise that a company like Anheuser-Busch will shell out $5 million for multiple commercials during the game (via CNBC).