The Wine And Peanut Butter Pie Pairing That Will Send You To Flavortown

Gone are the days when pasta dishes and fancy charcuterie boards are the only foods deserving of a wine pairing. Finding the perfect wine match for your meal can make what you're eating taste so much better, so why not elevate your favorite snacks and even your go-to dessert? We talked to a sommelier about which wine will bring out all the best flavors of peanut butter pie, so peanut butter lovers can achieve the ultimate dessert experience.

Doreen Winkler is a consulting sommelier who has created wine lists for many restaurants, including the new Mishik in New York City. Winkler has shared her expert knowledge with us in the past to give us some wine pairings for unexpected yet much-needed dishes. For example, she recommended the best grilled cheese and wine combo and told us the perfect wine and snack pairings to indulge in. So, what wines should salty and sweet dessert lovers stock up on? "For Peanut Butter Pie, I would recommend trying an aged sweet vintage Pedro Ximenéz sherry from Spain," Winkler explained.

Pedro Ximenéz sherry's unique flavors perfectly complement peanut butter

Most of us wouldn't know where to start when it comes to pairing a wine with something like peanut butter pie. Yet, Doreen Winkler's recommendation for Pedro Ximenéz sherry still might come as a surprise to many. This is one of the sweetest wines out there. For a lot of us, that might make it sound a bit redundant and far too sweet when paired with something as overtly decadent and sugary as peanut butter pie. Yet, Pedro Ximenéz sherry has some unique notes that play perfectly with peanut butter pie's unique combination of flavors.

"The notes of chocolate, coffee, nuts, and dried fruits will perfectly complement the richness and sweetness of a peanut butter pie and elevate it to the next level," Winkler told us. Pedro Ximenéz sherry is made with a process called "asoleo," which means that the grapes used for the wine are dried out in the sun. This process helps to make the wine particularly sweet and it also brings out the grapes' acidity and warmth. That flavor profile paired with the classic sweet and salty flavors of a peanut butter-y dessert? That's our new favorite after-dinner treat.