The Walmart Copycat That Mimics Texas Roadhouse's Iconic Cinnamon Butter

In an era where it feels like just thinking about going out to eat comes with a cost, restaurants that offer free bread hold a special place in many foodies' hearts. That pre-appetizer course is sometimes the best part of the meal, especially when dining at Texas Roadhouse, where a bowl of fluffy rolls made from scratch comes with a side of mouthwatering honey cinnamon butter. Still, the promise of a few complimentary rolls slathered in the steakhouse's iconic condiment isn't always enough to convince diners to venture out to their closest Texas Roadhouse or shell out their hard-earned money for the rest of its menu, which was subjected to more than one price hike in 2023.

For those who can't get their tastebuds to focus on anything other than the restaurant's signature spread, a trip to Walmart might help that craving subside until they can enjoy a night out at the chain. The retailer apparently makes a mean dupe of Texas Roadhouse's honey cinnamon butter, which TikToker @morganchompz said was "identical" to the popular eatery's. Transposed slightly in name, Walmart's Great Value cinnamon honey seasoned butter can be found in the grocer's refrigerated section, where it is available in 3.7-ounce containers.

The helpful trick for spreading Walmart's copycat Texas Roadhouse honey cinnamon butter

Texas Roadhouse fanatics may already know that the steakhouse offers tubs (yes, tubs) of its cinnamon butter. But perhaps you live a few dozen miles from your closest Texas Roadhouse or even in the only U.S. state that the chain doesn't call home. In that case, Walmart's Great Value cinnamon honey seasoned butter can be an alternative to the steakhouse's infamous spread – though there is one issue that a few buyers have run into with this dupe.


Texas Roadhouse dupe???? I dont know im glad @morganchompz made me try this. 😋 #dupe #greatvaluefinds #texasroadhousebutter #cinnamonbutter #walmartfind #foodie

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In the comments section of TikToker @morgancompz's post about the copycat, some people said they found the butter to be too hard, making it difficult to spread. Storing the container out on the counter for a few hours is one way to combat this. However, if you can't wait to dig in, there's an easy solution you can use to soften the flavored condiment in a jiff. Simply transfer the butter onto a microwave-safe plate and nuke it in five-second increments on your microwave's defrost setting until it's at the right consistency for spreading.