It's Official! McDonald's Old Burger Recipe Is No More

With an April 2023 press release hinting that a new burger recipe would be hitting the U.S. soon, McDonald's promised that changes were coming in 2024. After a successful rollout in Australia, Canada, and Belgium, it was tested in a select few West Coast locations, apparently seeing enough positive reactions that it's now available nationwide. Looking at the changes, it certainly seems that McDonald's is committed to making necessary changes to win the burger war, applying simple but effective upgrades to the way they stack up our fast food favorites.

Among the changes the fast food giant is bringing are the addition of softer buns, meltier cheese, and more signature special sauce on the iconic Big Mac. The patties are also promised to be juicier, owing to the inclusion of white onions during grilling. McDonald's Senior Director of Culinary Innovation for the U.S., chef Chad Schaer, describes their new burgers as "more flavorful than ever."

Win free burgers with the Burgercuda event

To celebrate the news, McDonald's is hosting a nationwide event from January 29, 2024, to  February 25, 2024, during which the notorious Hamburglar will head cross-country to get his gloves on one (or several) of the new burgers. If folks spot the Burgercuda (the Hamburglar's custom 1970 Plymouth Barracuda) in the wild, they have a shot at a chance to win some neat prizes. According to the event's press release, scanning the vehicle's code will land you an Arch Card and some "Hamburglar-inspired swag." Look out for the Burgercuda's signature black-and-white striped paint job and the Hamburglar's catchphrase, RBL RBL, emblazoned across the hood scoop and license plate.

Even if you don't manage to come across the Burgercuda, fear not! You can head over to, where you can enter to win free McDonald's burgers for a year, a pretty surefire way to make sure you completely forget what the old recipe even tasted like.