Sonic Is Starting BBQ Season Early With Pulled Pork Menu

As January draws to a close, Sonic Drive-In has decided that it doesn't want to wait around to celebrate summer's barbecue season. Instead, the restaurant chain is taking matters into its own hands and bringing the savory sloppiness of pulled pork BBQ to its menu for a limited time, per info shared with Mashed.

Available nationwide on February 5, Sonic's new menu items include a Pulled Pork BBQ Cheeseburger, Pulled Pork BBQ Totchos (or "tater-tot nachos"), and a classic Pulled Pork Sandwich. If you're wondering what a tater tot-and-nacho hybrid has to do with barbecue, it's all in the toppings. These signature tots are topped with shredded pulled pork and smoky cherrywood sauce that put a spin on one of Sonic's most popular menu items. The BBQ cheeseburger is also decked out with shredded pork and this signature sauce, along with melty American cheese, a 100% beef patty, and pickles. As for the normal pulled pork sandwich, the only differences are its lack of cheese and its larger portion of pork in lieu of beef. Toasted brioche buns hold these BBQ-slathered sandwiches together, and each one is priced under $6.

Sonic app users get early access to its new BBQ options

Those who use the Sonic app can get access to the chain's new BBQ goods as early as January 29 when they order online. Besides introducing two new BBQ sandwiches and new Totchos, Sonic also has something fancy planned for soda lovers. No matter what your favorite soft drink is, you'll get the chance to customize it with extra splashes of coconut, lime, and cream. This creamy soda infusion, known as a "Dirty Soda," is a flavoring method that's been going viral since 2022 after likely originating in small Utah eateries.

"These new items are a harmony of BBQ's best flavors, proving BBQ really does make everything better," said Mackenzie Gibson, Sonic's V.P. of culinary and menu innovation, in a statement shared with Mashed. You'll only be able to get a BBQ-laced meal from Sonic (complete with a Dirty Drink) for a short time before the new items are discontinued on March 31.