Costco Is Selling Packs Of Chocolate Bunnies That Are Both Stylish And Sweet

Since it's February, most people are still gearing up to enjoy their boxes of assorted chocolates and heart-shaped Valentine's Day candies. Once the season of love comes to an end, though, it'll be full speed ahead into spring, and Easter candy will take over store shelves. It seems that Costco is a bit ahead of the game — the wholesale store has already started selling chocolate bunnies, and the treats have a particularly cozy twist.

A four-pack of Rochef Chocolatier chocolate bunnies is now available at Costco, as revealed in a TikTok video from user @costcohotfinds. The four bunnies in each pack are individually wrapped in their own boxes, and each bunny sports a differently colored chocolate sweater. The only clothes typically seen on chocolate bunnies are their foil wrappers, so these sweaters add something unique and undeniably adorable to this classic confection. And since it's still winter, this typically spring-ready treat is fittingly prepared for the cold weather.

In the comments of their video, @costcohotfinds described the chocolate as "SO good!" The video gained nearly 600 likes in less than an hour, proving that there's a market out there for sweater-clad candy.

The chocolate bunny four-pack could be a great alternative to Costco's other option

It's hard to go wrong with a chocolate bunny, but this four-pack may be a better option than the other Easter bunny Costco is selling. Back in January, Costco shoppers were stunned by the massive $63 chocolate bunny that hit shelves. The pricey candy figure is 4.4 pounds and 2 feet tall, which is certainly impressive, but then again, it's not wearing a sweater, so there are pros and cons.

Like the four-pack, the big chocolate bunny was also made by Rochef Chocolatier, a Canadian chocolate company founded in 2009. If you love the taste of these chocolate bunnies or are just looking for the road less traveled when seeking out chocolate figurines, you may want to order something right from Rochef Chocolatier's website. It's got all kinds of chocolate creations, from dragons and unicorns to a monkey eating a banana.

If you do pick up the chocolate bunny four-pack, you may find their custom knitwear too humanizing to eat. Hopefully, avoiding the sweater-clad bunny's face will help. Apparently, almost everyone eats chocolate Easter bunnies the same way: from the ears down. Perhaps it's worth trying this method when the time comes to taste this sweet treat.