Add Chocolate Chips To Pumpkin Cookies For The Coziest Treat Imaginable

While pumpkin-flavored treats are a fall staple, some recipes are worth making all year round, and pumpkin cookies certainly fit this bill. Mashed recipe developer Jessica Morone's soft and chewy pumpkin cookie recipe uses canned pumpkin puree to give these treats their signature texture, while autumnal spices like cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and cloves provide those festive, cozy vibes.

You can make your pumpkin cookies crispier by baking them without chilling the dough first, but even if you do, the flavors will still be nostalgically familiar. Of course, after a few batches, it's fun to experiment by adding new items into the mix. Fortunately, pumpkin cookie dough is the perfect base for mix-ins like nuts, seeds, or even chocolate, which can give those classic flavors an updated twist.

Pumpkin and chocolate work surprisingly well together, and adding semi-sweet or milk chocolate chips is an easy way to create a new recipe and flavor profile from a tried-and-true staple. On a Reddit post inquiring about pumpkin-chocolate pairings, many commenters raved about the flavor combo in cookies, with one calling them "very good." Another user claimed their mother baked the treat yearly, and they referred to the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies as "very soft and wonderful!" As with most recipe changes, however, any new flavor profile may be an acquired taste.

Mix up the type of chocolate chips you use for more variety

While many folks love the way chocolate blends with that pumpkin puree flavor, dark or semi-sweet chips can have a slightly richer, borderline bitter taste that some may find overwhelming compared to the subtlety of the cookies' spices. If you're new to baking or are looking for milder chocolate for your pumpkin cookies, white chocolate chips can be far less polarizing.

Since white chocolate doesn't contain any cocoa powder, it can be the perfect way to add a sweet, creamy element to your cookies without any overwhelming deep or sour notes from the cacao. White chocolate pumpkin cookies also seem to be universally loved — even major cookie brands have released pumpkin spice cookies with white chocolate chips.

Similarly, the white chocolate chips' creamy milk powders and subtle vanilla flavor are reminiscent of the cream cheese in Starbucks' popular Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins, further solidifying just how well these two flavors pair up. In cookie form, the chocolate's texture is also quite versatile: Warm chips perfectly complement a soft, chewy cookie, but they can also provide creamy pockets inside a crispy, crunchy treat. There are countless ways to celebrate chocolate chips in your pumpkin cookies, so don't hesitate to experiment in the kitchen and find your favorite ingredients.