Coors Light Shades Corona In Super Bowl 2024 Chill Train Ad

The biggest TV event of last year, Super Bowl LVII, was the third most-watched TV broadcast ever, with around 113 million viewers on average. Millions of viewers are expected to tune in this year as well, and, along with the big game, they will see Coors shading Corona in its 2024 ad. The beer wars have officially begun.

The ad features LL Cool J whizzing through the mountains to the city in the Coors Light Chill Train. The silver locomotive speeds through the countryside, kicking up snow and ice in its wake and, as if by magic, leaving bemused spectators with cans of Coors Light. At one point, the train barrels across a beach where a couple enjoys a sunny day. The force of the Chill Train knocks over their beers (Coronas, we presume), leaving them with cans of cold Coors Light — and a lot of snow on their faces. With this new commercial, Coors Light effectively roasts Corona's classic "Find Your Beach" campaign. We wonder if applying beer to the affected area will soothe that burn.

Corona bottles never stood a chance against the Chill Train's speed

Corona's 2010 "Find Your Beach" ads encouraged customers to adopt a "beach is where you make it" attitude. "White beaches, gentle waves, a guy and a girl relaxing seaside — these have long been symbols of the escape mindset associated with Corona," Jim Sabia, executive vice president of marketing of Corona's parent company Constellation Brands, shared in a press release at the time. So, if you thought you had seen that beach backdrop before, you were right. 

It didn't take long for eagle-eyed viewers to notice the Corona spoof. "Love the Coronas falling on the beach!" one viewer commented. "The Corona diss was hilarious LOL," another wrote.

It had been over a decade since the Coors Light Chill Train chugged. Introduced in 2005, the train, with its beer can-shaped cars, delivers a moment of much-needed cool to this wild, wild world. "Since 2019, when we started the 'Made to Chill' campaign, we've added an emotional layer to our advertising. In this crazy, hectic world we live in, there is a subversive power in choosing to have that moment of chill," Coors' vice president of marketing, Marcelo Pascoa, told Marketing Dive. Coors Light collaborated with New York City agency Droga5 to create the ad.