The Jennifer Aniston Beer Commercial That Never Aired In The US

Did you know that Jennifer Aniston once starred in a beer commercial that never made it to the U.S.? Whether this is one of the best or worst beer commercials of all time, though, probably depends on who you're talking to. Aniston appeared in a Heineken commercial in 2005, but you most likely only saw the Dutch advertisement if you were overseas. 

In the commercial, Aniston is at the grocery store when actor and comedian Brian Thomas Smith notices her trying to grab two Heineken bottles from the top shelf. Smith approaches Aniston and grabs the bottles she's reaching for. She smiles, and one can only assume that the two are about to enjoy those beers together. Instead, Smith turns and walks away, taking both bottles for himself. Seeing how the camera slowly pans down Aniston's entire body before Smith swipes her Heinekens, we can't imagine seeing a commercial like this running today, but it managed to get its point across: Everyone wants Heineken all to themselves.

Aniston does her fair share of commercials

Heineken was founded in 1864 when 22-year-old Gerard Adriaan Heineken set up shop in an Amsterdam brewery to make lager. This was unusual because ale and porter were much more popular with the Dutch at that time. Since Heineken is a Dutch brand, it's no surprise that there are Heineken commercials that we never get to see in the U.S. Still, it may be surprising that Jennifer Aniston is such a major international star.

Overseas or not, Aniston is the queen of commercials. In 2018, Forbes editor Natalie Robehmed told Elle, "I would estimate she makes over $10 million a year through her endorsements, easily," adding, "It depends year to year, but that could be double what she earns from movies." With a paycheck like that, it's no wonder why Aniston makes so many commercials. Maybe there will be a Heineken ad that does run in the U.S. in the star's future.