TikTokers Are Seeing Orange At Cheetos' Super Bowl 2024 Chapel

Las Vegas, home of Super Bowl LVIII, is not known as much of a football town. After all, it wasn't until 2020 that it got its own NFL team, the relocated-from-Oakland Raiders. What it is synonymous with, besides casinos, is quickie wedding chapels. While some of these chapels – there are over 50 in all – may boast Elvis impersonators, few, if any, will ever be as orangey as the latest pop-up, brand-name wedding venue. No, it's not sponsored by Minute Maid but is instead part of an ad campaign by Cheetos, arguably the most famous of all neon-hued snack foods.

The Cheetos Chapel, as seen in various TikTok videos, comes complete with an altar, pews for a small number of wedding guests, and even a changing room so the bride and groom can get into their wedding finery. While there's no Chester costume for the officiant to wear, a digitized cheetah serves as the greetah (er, greeter). On Super Bowl Saturday, the chapel even held a wedding where the Frito-Lay CEO stood as a witness while company employees tied the knot. So, are snack food-themed weddings going to be a thing now that Cheetos have shown us the way? Who knows, but it certainly seems as if some TikTok users are taken with the concept.

Quite a few people would want to get married in a Cheetos Chapel

The Cheetos Chapel is, of course, a made-for-social media advertising opportunity that will doubtlessly launch thousands of selfies before it comes down. While not everyone can see it in person, we can experience all of its glorious cheesiness secondhand thanks to all of the TikTokers on the ground in Vegas. Judging from the comments sections on their videos, social media seems to be giving the Cheetos Chapel a big orange-dusted thumbs-up.


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Most commenters seemed both enthused and enthusiastic, with accolades ranging from "hilarious" to "cool" to "a dream." Some inquired as to the price of the venue (it's free to use), while others expressed disappointment that it would not be a permanent fixture. A few TikTokers who were already married said they wished they had the chance to renew their vows there, and indeed, they could have done so if they'd made it to Vegas before Sunday. Sadly, once the Super Bowl is over, the chapel will be dismantled and packed away. We don't know yet if Frito-Lay plans to make this chapel an annual Super Bowl week fixture, but if so, it's not too early to start planning next year's nuptials. Pro tip: You might not want to wear white if your guests will be throwing Cheetos as you exit the chapel or if your wedding buffet will be Cheeto-centric.