Why Taz Skylar From Netflix's One Piece Learned To Cook In Real Life

There are plenty of actors who can whip up a mean dish, but for Taz Skylar, learning how to become not just a celebrity but also a culinary expert came with the job description. In Netflix's "One Piece," the 2023 live-action adaptation of the acclaimed manga series of the same name, Skylar's character, "Black Leg" Sanji, is a martial artist and culinary master trained by the head chef of the Straw Hat Pirates. Not only can he fight off villains with killer kicks, but he can also cook an impressive seafood fried rice meal. 

Skylar's dedication to the role meant performing all of his own stunts inside and outside of the kitchen. He would train for up to eight hours a day, learning to prepare the same dishes that Sanji serves in the show. Repetition was the key to mastery of the art, and viewers can easily see how much effort he put into making the cooking scenes realistic. Advice from real-life cooking professionals and praise from the production team allowed him to explore culinary freedom onscreen and serve up five-star meals for the cast and crew offscreen.

Taz Skylar's culinary specialties

In a promotional video for Netflix, Taz Skylar can be seen recreating one of Sanji's specialties, true bluefin sauté, for his castmates. To complete the simple recipe just like Skylar, sear fine bluefin tuna to color, sauté asparagus with olive oil and salt, and serve atop a garlic, soy sauce, and canola oil mixture. Focus on a classy arrangement, as he notes that presentation is key.


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However, his legendary "finger movements," which come from hours of practicing traditional knife dexterity, might be hard to recreate. According to director Marc Jobst, "Every now and then he'd come to rehearsal with another awesome dish, albeit served with bloodied hands nipped in the process of learning knife skills!" Before the show's release, Skylar even dropped in on cooking classes at accredited schools like Stir Crazy to "rehearse" some skills with Mexican dishes.

However, the work is not done for Skylar yet. "One Piece" was immediately renewed for Season 2, and fans can anticipate Skylar's inevitable return to the kitchen as he further integrates into the culinary world. Recently, his passion for learning how to cook smoothly translated into mixology when he crafted a Valentine's Day cocktail dubbed the "Sanji Sour," a whiskey-based classic involving ginger, passionfruit, lime, simple syrup, egg whites, ice, and a lollipop. From soba to spirits, Sanji's knives are in the best hands.