Burger King Is Combating Daylight Saving Time With A Week Of Deals

Spring is just within reach for the world's northern hemisphere, and while that means warmer weather, more time with the sun, and, for Aldi shoppers, some new spring finds, it also means losing an hour of sleep at night. Yes, in just five short days, citizens of the U.S. will be collectively springing ahead by turning their clocks forward a full 60 minutes on March 10. We'll go ahead and give you a minute to cope with the loss and set a reminder so you don't forget ... All set? Great.

Spring Daylight Saving Time truly is one of life's biggest catch-22s, but this year, Burger King is hoping to ease some of the pain that comes with being deprived of your precious Z's. In an email sent to Mashed, the fast food chain shared that it will be running daily breakfast deals during the first week of DST. We're definitely not filing that under the dumbest things Burger King has ever done.

The seven-day stretch of B.K. savings kicks off on Sunday, March 10, with the offer of a free Croissan'wich with any purchase of $1 or more for members of the Royal Perks program. What about non-members? They can head to the Burger King website or download its mobile app to sign up for the free rewards club.

Burger King has something sweet in store for Pi Day

After free Croissan'wich Day on March 10, Burger King's Daylight Saving deals will continue to run through March 16. On March 11, Royal Perks members who stop by B.K. during the morning hours and make a purchase worth $1 or more can snag a five-piece order of French toast sticks. On March 12, the chain is giving away bottles of Simply orange juice with a $1+ purchase. Customers can get a free large order of hash browns with a $1+ purchase on the 13th.

The King isn't glossing over Pi Day on Thursday, either. To celebrate the mathematical holiday, the chain will give away free slices of its famous Hershey's Sundae Pie to Royal Perks members all day with a minimum purchase of $3.14. As if that wasn't sweet enough, on Friday, large vanilla iced coffees will be free of charge with any $1+ purchase, and to round out the week on Saturday, sausage biscuits will ring in at $0.

Keep in mind that you can't get Burger King breakfast after the cut-off time, so most of the Daylight Saving deals will only be available during the restaurant's breakfast hours. Those planning on springing out of bed for these freebies should check with their local B.K. to confirm its breakfast timeframe, since it may not be the same for all locations.