The March Aldi Finds You Need To Spring Out Of Winter

While the vernal equinox on March 19 technically marks the start of spring, in many parts of the country it's not quite time to pack away the shovels and rock salt. In other areas, the seasons never really seem to fluctuate too much. No matter where you live, though, your local Aldi will be going all in on flowers, bunnies, and pastel colors throughout March. These products remind us that in the world of retail, spring has officially sprung.

The following list includes items that are due to be released each Wednesday throughout the month. Some of these are foods and beverages that you might expect to see during early spring while other products venture into the realm of the unexpected. Aldi complements its edible spring offerings with home décor, clothing, and even a few items just for kids. Regardless of how they fit your expectations, they might just put some spring into your step to visit Aldi soon.

Huntington Home Gnome

Where is a gnome when it's not at home? Well, if the gnome has yet to find a home, it may be found in the Aldi aisle of shame on March 6. These bearded little dudes (or dudettes) come in half a dozen different varieties, each one adorned with some type of springtime symbol such as flowers, butterflies, or bees. If you'd like to take one of these gnomes to your own home, it'll cost you $8.99.

Friendly Farms Flavored Whipped Topping

While Aldi offers the plain variety of Friendly Farms whipped topping year-round, its seasonal flavors vary depending on what time of year they come out, hence the seasonal label. So what does spring taste like in whipped cream form? Apparently, it tastes like pie since Aldi will be offering both key lime and lemon meringue-flavored whipped cream priced at $2.99 per container beginning on March 13.

Aldi Men's or Ladies' Windbreaker

Spring weather is notorious for changing more rapidly than the average rabbit can run, which can make it hard to dress accordingly. A windbreaker is always a safe bet, though, and Aldi's are not only practical but affordable since they're priced at $14.99. These jackets will be available on March 20 in a choice of blue, red, or white, although the last one only comes in ladies' sizes while the first two colors are unisex.

Choceur Milk Chocolate Bunnies

Chocolate bunnies are de rigueur for Easter baskets and of course, Aldi will have you covered starting on March 6. Its Choceur bunnies come in milk chocolate with three different types of filling: caramel, milk cream, and raspberry. Whichever kind you choose, the price is the same; $2.99 for a 5.2-ounce bag of mini foil-wrapped bunnies.

Huntington Home Framed Wall Art

Got a blank spot on the wall, or perhaps a hole in the plaster that needs covering up? Aldi will be selling framed prints for just $9.99 beginning on March 6. You can choose between four different styles, with those being floral blue as well as geo fringe, geo leaf, and geo vase.

Clancy's Kettle Corn

Kettle corn even in its standard form tends to be more sweet than savory, so it's not a stretch to re-envision the snack in a dessert-flavored form (unlike dessert hummus, which is still a dubious proposition to some Aldi shoppers). Spring 2024 kettle corn options from Aldi house brand Clancy's, which are priced at $2.29 per bag, include carrot cake and sweet vanilla. Both kinds of kettle corn will be available on or about the not-so-ill-omened date of Wednesday the 13.

Lily & Dan Children's Umbrella

If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring? Pilgrims! Now that we've got that dad joke out of our system, we can finish telling you how you can prepare for April's deluge by stocking up on kids' umbrellas at Aldi on or after March 27. They come in a choice of leopard, dino orange, monster green, rainbow, or clear with a daisy or shark print and each one will cost under five bucks ($4.99, to be exact).

Southern Grove Trail Mix

Even trail mix, too, can come in for a spring flavor makeover. At Aldi, the Southern Grove brand will be available in two new limited-edition varieties, one named Honey Bunny and the other, which contains pastel-colored candies, called Spring Time. Both varieties will go on sale on March 13 and be priced at $3.99 per 8.5-ounce bag.

Crofton Porcelain

Spring patterns tend to be heavily floral-influenced. Aldi's Crofton-branded porcelain kitchenware is no exception since new items coming March 13 include a flower-patterned casserole and teakettle. Aldi also seems to be looking ahead to summer, though, since both pieces will also be available in a second pattern called surf spray. Whichever pattern you pick, the price is $14.99 for casseroles and kettles alike.

Emporium Selection Easter Truckle Assortment

Unless you're a crossword champ, you may be about to learn a new word. Did you know that a truckle was a small cylinder of cheese? Aldi's spring cheeses, or truckles if you want to exercise your newly expanded vocabulary, will be dropping on March 20. You can choose from aged cheddar, lemon honey, or raspberry white chocolate varieties, with each one costing $3.99.

Grape Hyacinth

While Aldi is no garden emporium, it tries to offer a little bit of everything and this does extend to plants. While the wintertime selection may be limited to potted cacti or succulents, in spring it has plants that you can take outdoors and stick in the ground. Starting March 27, which is just in time for planting season in some areas, you can buy a grape hyacinth for $4.99. Barring a case of terminal brown thumb, you may be able to enjoy its perennial purplish bloomsfor many years to come.

Barissimo Ground Coffee

So what spring coffee flavors has Aldi got in store for us? The Barissimo brand of bagged ground coffee will be releasing two new ones on March 20, these being blueberry and honey lavender. While neither blueberries nor lavender may be in bloom until a bit later in the season, it's never too early to start enjoying them in beverage form, and with $4.29 and a coffee maker (not included) you can do just that.

Huntington Home Reversible Porch Sign

There are times when you may wish for the world to beat a path to your door, while at other times you just want to be left alone. With this two-sided sign, you can let your yard do the talking with a choice of phrases ranging from "Welcome" to "Go Away" as well as the more equivocal "Hello Spring" or just "Spring." You also have the option to turn the sign around because both sides bear either words or spring-like designs such as leaves, flowers, and bees. The signs can be found at Aldi from March 6 onwards and are priced at $9.99.

Reggano Easter Shaped Pasta

Traditional Easter dishes may range from sublime to vile depending on how you feel about mint jelly and speckled jellybeans, but one thing you might not always see on the table is pasta. Perhaps it's time to change all that, though, since macaroni and cheese made with Reggano's bunny, chick, and egg-shaped pasta would be just too cute. These holiday-themed noodles will run you $2.49 for a 17.6-ounce bag and you'll be able to buy them starting on March 20.

Crofton Enameled Wood Coasters

If you like the floral pattern of the Crofton teakettle and casserole dish but aren't in the market for anything of this size, this style is also offered in the form of a set of square or round wooden coasters. If floral is not your thing, you can also protect your table from glass rings with green or white coasters in the same shapes. These coasters should start appearing in Aldi center aisles around March 13 and a set of four will cost $4.99 (which comes out to a buck and a quarter per coaster).

Specially Selected Spring Macarons

Macarons always seem like such a springtime cookie as they're light, airy, and typically come in Easter egg colors. Aldi's Specially Selected spring macaron lineup is no exception because the cookies are as pastel-pretty as such confections tend to be. In addition to the more standard flavors of lemon, pistachio, and raspberry, however, you also get blood orange, blueberry, and coconut with two of each flavor for a total of 12 cookies. The price is $4.59 per box, the release date is March 20, and they'll last as long as they last because that's how Aldi rolls.

Lily & Dan Rain Boots

While it may be possible to shelter your big ol' grownup melon under one of those oh-so-cute Lily & Dan kids' umbrellas we mentioned earlier, these rainboots, alas, only come in child-specific sizes. It's unfortunate, since who wouldn't want a dinosaur, flower, leopard, monster, rainbow, or shark-patterned pair of boots for just $9.99? If you do have young children or exceptionally tiny tootsies though, look for these boots starting on March 27.

Bake Shop Carrot Cake Sandwich Cookies

If you leave cookies out for Santa, shouldn't the Easter Bunny get their share of some goodies as well? Any bunny would probably get a kick out of Bake Shop's carrot cake sandwich cookies with a cream cheese frosting filling. A dozen of these will cost you $4.79 and can be purchased on March 13 in plenty of time for Easter Bun-day.

Huntington Home Floral Glass Candle

If your house smells of pumpkin spice and pine needles all through the winter, you might be ready to switch up your scented candles by now. Aldi has you covered here, too, with flowery springtime scents including English blue garden, freesia, and lavender blossom. Each glass jar candle costs $4.99 and these will be available in stores starting March 6.

Season's Choice Smoothies

For some people, the only real exercise we get in winter either involves wielding a shovel or simply shivering when forced to step outside on a cold day. When the warmer weather returns, though, it's time to get moving. Aldi Season's Choice smoothies can help you fuel up for spring activities. These smoothies come in a choice of super greens or antioxidant boost varieties, each priced at $6.99 and available on March 27.

Bee Happy Jumbo Puzzle Chalk

Sunny days and sidewalks simply cry out for colored chalks and Aldi is happy to oblige. What makes Bee Happy jumbo puzzle chalk even more fun, however, is the fact that each thick, chunky piece can be fitted together to form a shape, either animal, flower, fruit, or outer space. You can find these chalks beginning on March 20 and the cost per package is just $2.99. No matter which of these Aldi finds you scoop up, they can help you spring forward in style.